Google Navlekha,Indian language publishers (Google For India)

Google Navlekha,Indian language publishers (Google For India)

Today On Its 4 th edition of Google for India Event in New Delhi Google made a very big announcement on its newly launched product Navlekha (Google for India). What is the meaning of “Navlekha”, a word derived from Sanskrit meaning “a new way to write.”

Google Navlekha,Indian language publishers (Google For India)

What is Google Navlekha

Currently, most Internet users in India consumed English language content on their mobiles, desktops, But everyone knows in India Majority of users in India are regional languages like (Maharastra people speak Marathi, Andra Pradesh people speak Telugu,  West Bengal people speak Bengali similarly for other states in India there is different language ) so main solution of Navlekha is to provide useful result for people in people primary language  and provide quality content ( in shorts regional wise content according to user query ).

‘The Main Aim of Project Navlekha is: work with over 100,000 offline publishers to bring them online and also help them easily create regional language websites on branded domains.

How Google Navlekha Works Closely With Indian Language Publishers To Bring More Relevant Content Online

  • There is a tool that user Artificial intelligence to render any PDF containing Indian language content into editable text.
  • Its also help Indian language publish with Free web hosting just like in google blogger with adsence support so that they can monetize their published content.
  • Currently, Google India is proper training, proper support Publishers & a branded page for first three years.

How to Sign Up For Navlekha

  1. Name for vendors
  2. Publication Name OR Company name is required
  3. Email
  4. Valid mobile number
  5. Share if you have any website
  6. What language publication you are willing to do
  7. RNI Registration (Which in known as Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) Number also)
Navlekha Signup Process
Navlekha Signup Process (Visit :!/sign-up)

How Navlekha Works

  1. According to user signup request on navlekha, the Google team will review the application and get in touch
  2. After approval of registration, the Google team will guide you the process for setup and also help to maintain your online publication.
  3.  With the help fo google tool, you will be able to publish your content without any technical help.

Once you get the access to managing your content then you can manage your content according to your convenient.

How Navlekha Works
How Navlekha Works

Other Services Included In Google for India: Building Services For Every Indian

  • Google Go and Google Assistant
  • Google Map

Google Go and Google Assistant:

Google go is the fastest version of browser for slower internet connection, recently Google has last updated this Google go mobile browser on 9th August 2018, the latest ability this browser got that people can get the web pages in English, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam etc, so it is very helpful for the regional language users, according to google with the help of Artificial intelligence it will show users’ favorite topics and trending news from English and Hindi websites. And with the support of Google Assistant, this application will try to help the user to get a more accurate result and will also understand user behaviors.

Google Go (Source:
Google Go (Source:

Google Maps Partnered With RedBus

Currently, in India, Most of the people are heavily dependent on Google Maps  similarly like Google Go google has also launched Google Go Map , Google Go Map is separate from main google map it is designed to run quickly and smoothly on device with limited memory and slow internet connection & it has also partnered with Red Bus to provide better public transport information on Maps.

Google Go Map And Google Map
Google Go Map And Google Map


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