Google Pay (Tez) Is Not Working For iphone6 and iPhone 6s

Google Pay Not Working For iPhone 6 and iPhone6s

Google pay is not working for iPhone6 and iPhone6s users, error message people are getting activating UPI is not supported on iPhone 6 and 6s anymore for bank security reasons, confirmation from google side they are working on this issue and no confirmation from apple side still.

Google Pay (Tez) Is Not Working For iphone6 and iPhone 6s
Google Pay Is Not Working For iPhone6 and iPhone6
Google Pay Is Not Working For iPhone6 and iPhone6

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Update From HDFC Bank

  • Service is unavailable for iPhone6, 6s and customer need to use alternative device to access this service
Google Pay Not Working
Google Pay Not Working (Source: Twitter )
HDFC Bank Confirmation service is unavailable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
HDFC Bank Confirmation Service Is Unavailable For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

Bug From Google Pay Side

  • People are having tough times due to this issue, some people feedback on twitter
Google Pay Bug iphone6 and 6s
Google Pay Bug iphone6 and 6s
Google Pay Bug Or iPhone Issue
Google Pay Bug 
Google Pay Issue
Google Pay Issue

Help Guide For Google Pay: Visit Google Help Centre

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25 Comments on “Google Pay (Tez) Is Not Working For iphone6 and iPhone 6s”

  1. Activating UPI is not supported for iPhone 6 and 6s , error message when I tried to activate my account ——- are you forcing to buy another iPhone to use your app ????

    1. This is happening after update of iOS 12.4.5 earlier on 12.4.4 it was working

  2. It looks Google is marking for Apple’s new phone, google doesn’t worry if you stop supporting the old model, people will use Paytm or other options for online payments.

    1. Bro am not yet updated 12.4.5 still not working. Now amazon you also stoped working

    1. I dont know who is responsible for this inconvinence,,,,, end the day we are customers for google pay, apple and banks also,,,,,,,,

  3. Hi. I too have the same issue since January 27. Please update once the issue is fixed. For now I am deleting the app from my device.

  4. I’m still facing the same issue. How long should I wait on this?

  5. I am also getting the same error and I guess google is least bothered 😕 about this.

  6. Google pay is not working in iPhone 6s. Please check and resolve the issue @googlepay my #googlepay

  7. activating UPI not suported on iphone 6 for bank security reason
    How to solve it.

  8. Its so idiotic …apple phone doesnt work.. if not this app, people will go for some other app.. no one will buy or change for one app.. its better to resolve or gpay will lose customers

  9. Same issue..please Google or hdfc give me new iPhone..I cant afford another now for u people..

  10. I am also getting this same error message on my iPhone 6S. Please help us to resolve this issue ASAP.

  11. I was facing the same problem with Google pay only and other UPI apps like Phonepe and Paytm were still working. I have updated my Apple iOS to 13.3.1 then the issue has been solved. Now, I’m able to activate the Google pay without any issues. So, please update your OS to the latest version guys, hope this will help someone.

  12. The Google pay issue has been fixed in iPhone 6 & 6s. Pls check and confirm.

  13. Instead of Gpay Im using phone pe and paytm, not an issue. We have lot of apps.
    Google needs to check with apple why should i worry, i have alternate

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