Hathway Now Offering Up to 300 Mbps Speed in Mumbai {GPON Technology}

Hathway offering upto 300 Mbps internet speeds in Mumbai

One of the most popular and renowned Broadband Service Provider, Hathway has just begun to provide tremendous services to its customers. Hathway have commenced to provide 300 Mbps Internet Speed all over the Mumbai through the mode of GPON technology. They have also uplifted the previous broadband service of 50 Mbps provided by them to the users. With such a fabulous decision, the owners of the firm have also decided to offer numerous plans in Mumbai which would range from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps through the mode of DOCIS and Fibre Technology.

Hathway Now Offering Up to 300 Mbps Speed in Mumbai {GPON Technology}
Hathway offering 300 Mbps speed in Mumbai
Hathway offering 300 Mbps speed in Mumbai

If we talk about the current situation then it’s seen that Hathway is providing two different 50 Mbps internet plans in Mumbai through the mode of DCIOS technology. One of the plans come with this massive offer in which they are providing unlimited FUP to the users. The other plan aims to offer 500mbps FUP to its users which would be consecutively followed by post FUP speed of 2mbps.

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Though the plan is said to be currently priced around Rs 1,699 per month but will cost much lesser if users choose to buy an annual year plan which is around Rs 14,999 per month.

This plan also aims to provide TP-Link Deco M5 free of cost to the users. With such good features and benefits, this Wifi mesh ensures to provide strong internet connection within the overall area of 3000 to 4000 square feet. The Wifi mesh provided by Hathway comprises of 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, one quad-core CPU, Bluetooth Support, one USB-C support alongside with supporting Alexa for fun and entertainment. Also, optimization of Band and path is automatically performed on Deco Mesh.

This Wifi plan offered by Hathway can connect with more than 100 devices at a single time along with speed monitoring service. Users would also receive all the report regarding the usage of the internet and blocked content by the service providers.

Similarly, the other broadband services provided by Hathway include 50 Mbps unlimited plan at Rs 2500 (3 months ), Rs 5100 ( 6 months ), Rs 10200 ( 12 months ) respectively. Moreover, the 50 Mbps 500GB plan costs around Rs 2100 for 3 months, Rs 4200 for 6 months, and Rs 8400 for 12 months to the users.

Furthermore, Hathway also offers unlimited FUP in the 300 Mbps plan which is followed by providing 6 Mbps post FUP at the price of Rs 3750 ( 3 months ), Rs 7500 ( 6 months ), and Rs 15000 ( 12 months ) to the users availing this service.

Overall, this is a good initiative by Hathway and services would be soon rolled out in Chennai and Mumbai from October 10 following which further this service would be rolled out in other metro cities.

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