Tips On How To Edit Your File Formats Using GogoPDF

Edit Your File Formats Using GogoPDF

Editing your file formats is not an easy task. You will face several difficulties when altering a file format, such as experiencing a complicated process. It is probably the reason why dozens of web-based tools were designed to aid this problem. However, there are also online tools that provide you with complicated steps.

Tips On How To Edit Your File Formats Using GogoPDF

Luckily, there’s GogoPDF that assures you the easiest way out of editing and managing your file formats. This tool can convert, compress, merge, and split your file formats using the most undemanding steps. If you wish to know more about the steps in using GogoPDF, make sure to scroll down as this article will discuss some features of it.

Easy Conversion Of File Formats

Sometimes, printing a Word document format would give you a lot of downsides. Once you print your files in Word format, you would face many errors, such as altered format. Examples of these formats are text, spacing, and indention. Hence, before printing your file, make sure you have already converted it into a PDF file.

If you are looking for a Word to PDF converter online tool, it could be sometimes costly. Ensure that you have researched web-based tools that offer a 100% free file conversion tool, such as GogoPDF. Moreover, this tool has the technology that can quickly transform and edit your file formats.

Converting a Word to PDF file using this website begins with selecting a file and placing it in their file conversion tool. Once you are done with the initial step, GogoPDF will start to analyze and convert your file into an uneditable PDF file. The time needed to convert your file would take a minute or less, depending on your internet connection.

Once the conversion is done, you can download your file or save it on your webmail account. Also, you can convert other file formats such as Excel, JPG, PPT, and many more into PDF files. The processes are similar to Word to PDF conversion. You can also do vice-versa if you have PDF files that you wish to convert into other file formats!

Compress Your PDF File Using GogoPDF

A lot of people owned a PDF file that contained an enormous size. If you are one of those people, then better to check this tip. Having a vast file size consumes too much space on your computer’s memory. If you are sending this massive file online, it does not boost productivity since it would take so much time to send it to your recipient.

But, the best trick you can do is compress your PDF file. Compressing a file would reduce the amount of size of your file. Having a compressed file can also boost your productivity since it will be easier to send your files online. Using this website, you can compress your PDF files easily using the most straightforward steps.

In compressing your PDF file, you must begin selecting a PDF document that you wish to reduce and put it in their file compression tool. Once you are done, your files will be analyzed by their system. The time required to compress your file might take a minute or less. After that, you can now download your newly compressed PDF file.

Merge PDF Files Using GogoPDF

The trouble of having various identical files is that you may sometimes scatter them in different folders on your computer. The problem is that once you need these files, it would be hard to look for them since they are situated in separate folders. So the best solution for you is to organize it using the File Merger Tool.

In merging your PDF file, you must begin with choosing PDF files that you wish to combine and place them in their merger tool. Once you are done, GogoPF will start to analyze and merge your PDF files. In a couple of minutes, it will be finished. Once finished, you can begin to download your newly merged PDF file.

Secure And Safe To Use Website

In terms of your files’ security and privacy, GogoPDF assures you that your file’s content will never fall into the hands of other people. They ensure to delete your files an hour after you are finished altering your file formats using their tools.


GogoPDF has been known as a provider of web-based tools designed to alleviate your task in altering file formats. GogoPDF offers you not just the tools mentioned above but also various tools you find on their website. Feel free to avail of their free trial if you are still hesitant to use this tool.

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