IGRS Telangana-Encumbrance Search(EC), Market Value, Certified Copy

IGRS Telangana
IGRS Telangana-Encumbrance Search(EC), Market Value, Certified Copy

IGRS Telangana is known as a registration and stamps department with the main objective to  give publicity to the registered documents,  registered document is very important as it is a recorded information to verify the records and if any dispute happens then same records can he presented as proof in the Court.

IGRS Telangana Online Services

  1. Market Value Search
  2. Prohibited Property
  3. Certified Copy
  4. Encumbrance Search(EC)
  5. e-STAMPS

1)  Market Value Search :

The Market value service will help you to check the market value of agriculture and non-agriculture land.

  • New user need to register first, registration form include the basic details like Name, DOB, Mobile Number, Email id
Market Value Search Registration Form
Market Value Search Registration Form
  • Now you can log in, then select for which district land price you want to check, select mandal, then select land type agriculture or non-agriculture and submit your details.

Market Value Search

2) Prohibited Property: 

With the help of this service user can check the list of the properties which is under prohibited list according to the government.

3) Certified Copy:  

With the help of this service user can download the certified registered document of the property, there are two option to download, certified copy of registered document (On Payment) or certified copy of documents (New Registration only)

Certified Copy IGRS Telangana
Certified Copy IGRS Telangana

4) Encumbrance Search: 

This service will help to find if any encumbrance is their on the property, means if any liabilities created on a particular property or not.

Note: “Encumbrance Certificate (EC) ensures that there is a complete ownership of the property without any legal liability”

Process to Search IGRS Telangana Encumbrance Search

  • Step1): Login into official website: https://registration.telangana.gov.in/index.html
  • Step 2): Click on Encumbrance Search under online section
Encumbrance Search IGRS Telangana
Encumbrance Search IGRS Telangana
  • Step 3): User will be redireted to other page, detailed information on EC
  • Step 4): Click on Submit, After reading disclaimer
  • Step 5): Select the search criteria Document No or Form Entry
Encumbrance Search Criteria
Encumbrance Search Criteria
  • Step 6): According to Document NO enter, SRO name,  Registration Year and Submit.
  • Step 7):  According to Form Entry enter, lat number, house number, district name, SRO details and Submit.

5) e-STAMPS: 

This service is for online stamp duty collection to remove fraud practices in stamp-based registration and transaction.

 e-STMAPS Availability

  • Document Registration eChallan
  • Non-Registration eChallan
  • Franking Services eChallan
  • Consolidated Stamp Duty eChallan
  • Stamp Vendor eChallan
  • Franking Machine eChallan
  • SRO eChallan
  • Chit Registrar eChallan
  • Stamp Counter eChallan

6) Property Registration:

With the help of this service user can check details related to property registration like (Market value, Pre-Requisite for Registration, Registration Charges, Time Slot booking, Registration Document  and many other details)

Property Registration Details
Property Registration Details

7) Society Registration:

With the help of this service user can apply e-Registration of Societies, check the process of application, Status of application.

E Society Registration
E Society Registration

8) Information On Chit Fund:

With the help of this service user will get information about Registered Chit Information, Online T-Chits: Blockchaining Chit Funds Administration, Chit Registrar eChallan

9) Marriage Registration:

With the help of this service user will get the information about the marriage registration (Hindu Marriage Registration ,Hindu Marriage Pre-Registration,  Christian & Muslim Marriage, SRO For Marriage, Special Marriage Registration, Short Movie On Marriages)

10) Firm Registration:

This service will help users in registration of the firm, process of application, status of application.

11) Know Your SRO:

With the help of this service user can check jurisdiction’s SRO.

Know Your SRO
Know Your SRO

IGRS Telangana Official Details

Toll Free Number18005994788
Email Id[email protected]
WhatsApp Number9121220272

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