iPad App Saw Tremendous Increase In Downloads and Spending Q1 2020

iPad App Increase In Download And Spending

The global pandemic has out shaken the various economical aspects worldwide. But although there are few instances where this aspect has lead to a positive result in terms of economical aspects.

iPad App Saw Tremendous Increase In Downloads and Spending Q1 2020

Due to this pandemic, people are majorly stuck at home and are bound to use electrical gadgets for work purposes.

Subsequently talking about this field there was been a major increase in iPad users worldwide. Since it’s invention it’s the first time in 2020 that after four years it has seen such a good profit. A huge amount of iPad applications are being downloaded by the users and it showed a profit of around $2 Billion.

If compared to the year 2019 there has been 40% increment in the download of the iPad application by the iPad users on a quarterly basis. The estimated total record of this increment in the US is termed to be around $893 million, i.e. this many users downloaded the applications via their iPad.

Global iPad App Downloads By Quarter
Global iPad App Downloads By Quarter (Data Souce: SensorTower)

Subsequently, there has been talk about the monthly downloads in the applications which increased to 438 million. The SensorTower reports showed that there had been 72% increment on a yearly basis and 21% increment on a monthly basis. All this surge in the download of the applications is due to this sudden pandemic.

A huge amount of gaming applications have been installed by the users. Earlier in the year 2016 iPad had around 603 million users

globally who downloaded various gaming applications. Subsequently in the year 2019, it rose to the level of 398 million around the fourth quarter. Apart from this if we calculate the progress of the entertainment applications then the highest amount of applications were downloaded in the year 2019 around 88 million and had not generated any kind of growth after that year. But this pandemic has lead to the evolution in the download of entertainment applications as well.

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Apart from the field of games and entertainment various educational based applications are also downloaded by the users. The major for this is that there are various educational applications which are providing free courses to the students as an aspect of learning new skills during the quarantine. As a major implementation of online schooling approximately 100 million applications have been installed by the iPad users.

Global iPad App Spending By Quarter
Global iPad App Spending By Quarter (Data Souce: SensorTower)

Speaking about the conclusion it can be seen that the iPad has showcased its popularity amongst the users during this pandemic. Overall it’s seen that this device has been the saviour for the people during a pandemic by helping them to deal with the educational and work scenarios.

“Let’s hope for the best and we can surely see such elevated progress in the future as well.”

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