Is The Newsfeed Google Really Liked By Users

Newsfeed Google Really Liked By Users

It is clear that by adding news on the blank space which is present on the search homepage for Google, it has started its monetizing gameplay.  Some people and users are considering it as Google is doing just contemporary as Facebook and Twitter always have newsfeed and so Google should not lag behind.  The point here is that should  Google highlight what user want to read as a news or user can search on its own. Having news on the search page could act as a distraction.

Is The Newsfeed Google Really Liked By Users

Stratechery analyst, Ben Thompson in one of his articles emphasized the fact that Google is loved and adored because of the search property that it offers. The search advertising that Google is does is kind of emblem of Google and this is how it makes money. Also, it does not lead to searchers anywhere else.  Introducing the news feed for the mobile app is not appearing very happy for some people. This is because nobody likes to read the news every time when they have some genuine search. Even while scrolling down Facebook and Twitter, people get irritated when they find some news popping

in their feed. It gets them distracted from enjoying the ‘typical social media personal fun’.

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The homepage of Google was really simple and clean. Introduction of the newsfeed for mobile interface has just vanished the soberty that Google had. People feel irritated when they come across the unwanted content and that is what Google is doing to some of the users. Moreover, the news is not categorized as well. Anything is just thrown in the form of news. There is a list of room for improvement if Google wants to get positive feedback from users with this newest feature.

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