Know About Samsung Upcoming Foldable Phone

Samsung Upcoming Foldable Phone

There is a lot of buzz about Samsung’s X phone. It is also rumored that this phone will be launched on the new year and the qualities like foldable, bendable, and flexibility have made this phone a much-awaited phone now. After researching and finding all the reliable sources about this new phone’s arrival by Samsung, there is some information which we have gathered. The first one is that the phone will be launched in 2018. This phone is going to be one of the most costly phones around. Yes, in some manner it will give the tough competition to iPhone X and Xs.

Know About Samsung Upcoming Foldable Phone

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Most probably, the screen size of this upcoming phone will be of 7.3 inches, this was claimed by industry source in early 2018.  The Q4 2017 results have shown that Samsung is putting a lot of efforts and plans in the foldable phone realm. This is a big proof that foldable phones are on the way. Moreover, the monetary and financial masters have also predicted that Samsung is going to play big and will get huge gains on finances and profits with the launch of these phones in the coming year.  Also, the batteries will be in curved shapes.

Samsung had been wrapping its head around foldable phones since 2011. This idea is now taking place with the latest design and features. As it took years to come on board, the expectations with this phone is massive. We hope that this phone does not fail like ‘’galaxy curved’’ did. Even after the launch the phone would not be available anytime soon for sale. It will start the pre-booking and nearly one to two months could be the time that one gets the phone.


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