Mi TV 4A Pro 49-inch Review

Mi TV 4A Pro 49-inch Review

Mi TV 4A Pro 49-inch is a LED TV that has Android 8.1 Oreo OS and PatchWalll OS. There are three HDMI ports in the TV out of which one supports HDMI ARC. The panel of the TV has a size of 49 inches having full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Besides three HDMI ports, the TV has two USB ports to which USB devices can be connected. The TV can also be connected to other devices through Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

Mi TV 4A Pro 49-inch Review

The TV also has an S/PDIF port for listening to music. The TV has two speakers of 10 watts each. The CPU inside the TV is Amlogic 64-bit quad core processor. The RAM inside the TV is of 2GB while the internal storage has the capacity of storing 8GB data. The nice look of the television is due to the presence of slim bezels around the panel. The TV can either be hanged on the wall or can be put on the table. The RCA audio output is not present on the television.

Display Review:

The TV has LED display with HDR support. It has two display options VA and IPS. This is very easy to differentiate between both. If something is being displayed on the panel and a user presses it, then if he finds rainbow-like colors, it is VA panel else it is IPS panel. The TV has an 8-bit panel which has the capacity of displaying 256 colors of different of shades. The shades belong to the primary colors red, blue, and green. It means that the color display of the TV is 256 x 256 x 256.

Gaming On TV Review:

The TV is also useful for playing games. After launching the game mode, the user can adjust the settings of his choice.

Patchell OS Review:

The budget televisions run on Android Open Source Platform which provides the streaming that is available on mobile phones. This means that the panel is not potentially utilized. Patchell OS’s new version runs on Android 8.1 TV OS. With the PatchWall OS, the TV displays the content first and then it focuses on the second source. This facility was found in Apple TVs.

Current Price Mi TV 4A Pro 49-inch:

Searching For Content Review:

The user can search content through the voice feature provided on the remote control. The content will only be displayed if it is available. The voice feature works through Google Assistant. Viewers can change channels through voice if they have a set-top box at home. This helps them to name the channels like star or sony and users do not have to remember the channel numbers.

Google Play Store Review:

The TV can also be connected to Google play store and users can use the apps of their choice. Along with it, the TV has Google Chromecast installed due to the presence of Android OS. With this, users can see videos on Youtube and Hotstar. The TV also has cleaner UI which helps to lay out the apps in a neat manner.

Audio Review:

The sound system of the TV is great due to the presence of two 10 watt speakers. The speakers do not provide the bass facility.

Remote Control:

The remote control is of minimalistic design with a square shape and round edges. It is connected to the TV through Bluetooth. The remote has a voice button which makes a connection to Google Assistant.

Overall it can be said that the TV comes with great features and is worth buying.

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