Nomos Glashuette: 5 Vibrant Watches That Can Add Color To Your Style

Nomos Glashuette: 5 Vibrant Watches That Can Add Color To Your Style

When it comes to styling, the area of creativity is open. It does not limit to one monotonous color of all white and black because it can get boring. For a stylish person, the play of different and vibrant colors is an exercise to the mind. It empowers the expression of uniqueness and adds life that is literally out of the box.

Nomos Glashuette: 5 Vibrant Watches That Can Add Color To Your Style

There are many areas for people to style colors, like mix and matching an accessory to clothes or bags to shoes. It differs in how a stylish person wants to project. The basic accentuation of watches becomes one of the essential parts of it. A watch color can put an accent that elevates, and Nomos Glashutte watches intend their vibrant collections to this desire.

1) Ahoi Neomatik Siren Red Automatic Red Dial 36.3mm Unisex Watch

The feisty blush of red to these Nomos watches is a darling for vibrance. This red dial watch in the long black dress makes a complete head turn. It flatters black as it accentuates while on the wearer’s wrist. Plus, the gray finish of Arabic numerals indexes and hand markers in silver is together stunning.

The feminine fit to the wrist at 36.3mm case adds unspoken elegance to this timepiece. It gets more classic in round shape and lovely with a transparent back. There is a sophistication to the 27 jewels intricately incorporated to the precision of its movements. Then the reliability of 42 hours power reserve and 200 m water resistance gets admirable.

2) Club Neomatik Siren Blue Automatic Blue Dial 37.0mm Men’s Watch

The siren blue dial’s sharpness appeals to the senses as this timepiece plays vibrance to this sounding shade. It comes with a light color fabric strap that blends well only to accentuate the striking blue. It brings vibrance to white polo shirts for casual days or formal encounters in a white tux.

The play of colors gets more intricate to this watch as the second-hand markers radiate in neon orange. Then the case gives an extra class with stainless steel and crystal sapphire glass back. This timepiece’s functions bring convenience to users because it gets 43 hours power reserve and the safety to water damage tops at 200 m.

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3) Tetra Manual-winding Purple Dial 29.5mm Ladies Watch

If you want the impact to a fashion statement, then a purple dial watch makes it happen. This type of Nomos watch stands to be different from the usual round shape to all solid square cases. But the Arabic numerals to its indexes give the old classic vibe. A ladies watch because of the slim fit size of 29.5mm.

The timepiece has stainless steel texture to its case, while the bracelet gets durable in leather.  Then the solid back gives this watch the sturdy appeal. This timepiece provides dependable functionality as the 30 m water-resistant feature assures safety.

4) Tetra Clarchen Manual-winding Green Dial 29.5mm X 29.5mm Ladies Watch

This timepiece sets green as a new trend to colors that perfectly match all greenish shades of clothing and fresh addition to vivid colors like orange and violet. This assembly of color gets visible to the dial of this timepiece which brings an accent of elegance as the hour markers have touches of gold patterns.

It still celebrates the classic with the indexes marked in Arabic numerals. This leather strap beauty magnifies further on with a square shape case in stainless steel texture. Then the slim fit of 29.5mm puts a charm to feminine class. The feature of 30 m water resistance adds superiority to this timepiece.

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5) Orion Neomatik Champagne Automatic Champagne Dial 36.0mm Men’s Watch

The champagne vibrance of this watch gives a unique color to the usual black and white manly shades. Once worn together with these standard colors, this timepiece will spell difference and make a standout. It combines perfectly in a beige finish and gets classy vibration to the stick-style hand markers.

This timepiece created for manly pursuits has reliable features like 42 hours power reserve and 30 m water resistance. The leather bracelet makes it durable to wear, and the 36mm size of its case gives precision to a gentleman’s wrist. But the luxury of 27 jewels to its time movements makes this luxury watch worth keeping.


It is a fact that colors add vibrance to the blank or plain canvas. It also stands true to style because vibrant colors bring a life impact to a variety of styling. These timepieces from Nomos Glashuette create colorful watches that savor the fullness of rich, unique shades that can add spice to the ordinary and make it magnificent.

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