Pixel 3 Camera Is Gaining All Attention Beating Iphone

Pixel 3 Camera Is Gaining All Attention Beating Iphone

Finally, Google has unwrapped its new mobile set Pixel 3 and the reviews are great until now. The main attention of the phone is its camera system. The rear camera is normal but there is a new system that has been constructed by makers for the front camera. Now, the time of your curiosity is over as in this narrative we will be telling you that special feature along with information about the rear camera.

Pixel 3 Camera Is Gaining All Attention Beating Iphone

Pixel 3 phone has dual set up for the front camera. This has made it the selfie expert and has left the other contenders lagging. The new feature of the camera called Top Shot (for rear camera), uses the AI and with its help, it captures the best moment to take a picture. This has hugely enhanced the picture quality and hopefully, this phone will be considered the leading model for taking pictures in the coming time.

Talking about the two front cameras, the main advantage of it is that it will help to pack in more details in one picture. The second camera is believed to capture 184 percent more of the scene as compared to the leading competitor in the realm. This makes this phone the perfect choice for huge group selfies.

Google Pixel 3 xl camer (Image Source: Androidcentral)
Google Pixel 3 xl CCamera (Image Source: Androidcentral)

Most of the phones which are present in the market (Android versions) drive maximum sales because of the elevated camera quality. With this feature, there is a big chance that Pixel 3 will remain the leader among the phones popular for the camera. The front camera is bestowed with 8-megapixel standard, f/1.8 + 8-megapixel wide-angle (97-degrees field of view), f/2.2. Don’t you think it is amazing? It has also increased the benchmark for upcoming phones for selfie cameras not only for itself but for other phone brands as well.

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