Learn Properly How To Unleash PS2 BIOS Steam Deck

PS2 BIOS Steam Deck

The Steam Deck has been revolutionary in the world of handheld gaming, bridging the gap between handheld games and traditional games played on PC or consoles like PS4 or Xbox. While other handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Sony PS Vita, Sony PSP or Nintendo DS were usually inferior in the specifications department when compared to modern consoles, let alone high-end PCs. This was understandable due to their portability and thus smaller size, However, the Steam Deck is an insanely powerful device which is compact and portable as well. The Steam Deck is essentially a portable computer hand-held, capable of playing high-end modern games like Elden Ring without a fuss.

Learn Properly How To Unleash PS2 BIOS Steam Deck

This power bridge has brought a lot of users towards Steam Deck, with the total units sold expected to surpass 3 million by the end of 2023. Due to the powerful specifications coupled with the deck being able to act as a PC, emulation has also gained new momentum as now people will be able to play their favorite old games on the go, through the power of the Steam Deck and emulation. A lot of players want to emulate the PS2. However, the process can be a little complicated for the uninitiated. Not to worry though, as we go over every step in the way of emulating the PS2 in our article below.

What Makes PS2 Special?

There are a variety of consoles that have been available in the market throughout the past half-decade, the majority of which can be easily emulated. With how robust emulators on PC can be and the variety of games and consoles available to be tapped into, what makes the PS2 so unique that players want to emulate PS2 especially? Well, the answer is in the name itself: PS2, short for PlayStation 2. Released by Sony in the year 2000, the next upgrade to the original Sony PlayStation was more significant and bolder in every sense of the word. With a vast array of original games only available on the PS2, superior graphics and better specifications, it was a worthy successor to the original.

The PS2 is the highest-selling video-game console of all time, which speaks to the testament of its success. The console was incredible, with games that at that time were so much more realistic, detailed and expansive than anyone could imagine. The good name of Sony and the existing user base of the PS1 was evident, but what made the PS2 excel was its collection of games. The PS2 had an extremely strong collection of games which shaped the generation of gaming at that time. From Gran Turismo or Uncharted to third-party titles such as the Grand Theft Auto Series or Resident Evil – the library was as varied as it was expansive with sequels to fan favorites like Final Fantasy to newer IPs releasing at that time such as God of War (which later on has now become one of the most-selling PlayStation brands). Such is the success of the PS2 that even now on the latest generation of Sony consoles, the PS5, people flock to purchase the PS+ Subscription which allows them to play old greats from the PS2 library. Thus, the ability to emulate a PS2 system onto a Steam Deck- allowing the wonderful games of the PS2 to be playable on handheld – is something that appeals to every gamer there is.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Emulate PS2 BIOS On Steam Deck

Now that we have understood why the PS2 is such a popular choice for game emulation, let us now go about the ways of emulating it so that the games of the console can run on the Steam Deck and be played portably. Simply follow the steps below and you will be easily able to play your favorite games on your Steam Deck.

  • Step 1: Open the Steam Deck in Desktop Mode. You can do this by powering on your Steam Deck, and then holding down the power button till a menu appears. In it, simply click on the Switch to Desktop option.
  • Step 2: Now you need to have Emu Duck downloaded, software for the Steam Deck which makes it possible to emulate games with much ease. You can get it from their official site.
  • Step 3: Open the Dolphin File Explorer (the blue bag symbol) after it has finished downloading, then go to the Downloads folder. A file with the name “EmuDeck.desktop” will then appear. To open this file, click on it twice with the right trigger. Then execute the program by following the onscreen instructions.
  • Step 4: Now you need to place your PS2 game files. Find the PS2 ROMs folder by returning to the Dolphin File Explorer for this. You can put your ROMs (or possibly ISO files) here once you’re within the PS2 folder.
  • Step 5: Now comes the part of installing the game. Note that we assume that you have a legal BIOS, as downloading one from any source like googling it or scrolling on a Reddit thread, while free, is not legal. After selecting the start menu (the blue and white icon in the lower-left corner of the screen), scroll to P, select All Applications, and then right-click on PCSX2.
  • Step 6: Now, PCSX2 will open in full-screen mode. Go to its settings. There, in the upper-middle part of the screen, there will be an option for a processor-type icon. That is the BIOS settings. This brings up a new section of the settings, where you can choose your BIOS folder as per your wish.
  • Step 7: When you are in your BIOS folder and then click Open, PCSX2 will add every file there to the main emulator. Now comes the part of creating the PS2 memory card in the PCSX2 app.
  • Step 8: The PCSX2 has a save function, but it leaves much to be desired. This is why it is good advice to setup PS2 memory card equivalent in the PCSX2 app. Go to Settings and select the SD Icon as displayed above to accomplish this. Create Memory Card will be one of the options available in the storage settings. You must click that.
  • Step 9: In the top box, give your memory card a name. Next, decide how much space you want to dedicate to the card. If you run out of room, you can create a new memory card and replace the current one under PCSX2 settings. Identical to the original PS2, but virtual.
  • Step 10: Hit Create when finished to complete the setup of the PS2 memory card in PCSX2. But you’re not quite finished. The memory card must now be configured in the PS2 BIOS.
  • Step 11: Restart PCSX2 in the main Gaming Mode after quitting the program. Because PCSX2 in Desktop Mode treats the Steam Deck as a PC, you won’t be able to manage it correctly when you boot into the BIOS.
  • Step 12: After the Steam Deck has refreshed and you are viewing your game library on the home page, go to your Library, select non-Steam Games, and then locate and launch PCSX2. Use the D-pad to scroll to Start BIOS when it loads, then press the A button to access it.
  • Step 13: Press the Steam Deck’s A button on Browser. The memory card screen will be opened. You can then click on the memory card and then follow the on-screen instructions to format the memory card.
  • Step 14: The memory card will now be used by the PS2 game to store save game files whenever you start it up. Use the card exactly as you would a genuine PS2 memory card to save data on it.
  • Step 15: You can further set the settings of your emulated PS2 as you wish. We recommend setting the screen ratio to 16:9 or 4:3 as per your preference and setting this to 2x Native 720 as the screen resolution for handheld.

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Now your emulated PS2 is fully up and running to go. You can further tinker with the settings of your emulator as much as you want. Now you can easily play the classic favorites in your Steam Deck as much as you want, while you are on the go.  Do remember that while emulators themselves are not illegal, running copyrighted content on them is illegal. We at SelectYourDeals do not support these activities but are simply providing a means of information for our viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can I emulate PS2 games on the Steam Deck without EmuDeck?

Ans: While EmuDeck streamlines the process and offers a wide range of emulators, you can still emulate PS2 games on your Steam Deck without it. However, using EmuDeck is recommended for a more user-friendly experience.

Q) Is it legal to run copyrighted PS2 games on emulators?

Ans: Emulators themselves are not illegal, but running copyrighted content on them without proper authorization is illegal and a violation of copyright law. It’s essential to own a legal copy of the game you intend to emulate.

Q) Can I connect the Steam Deck to a TV or monitor and play emulated PS2 games on a larger screen?

Ans: Yes, if you have a Steam Deck dock and access to a TV or monitor, you can connect your Steam Deck and enjoy emulated PS2 games on a larger screen. Adjust the resolution to match your screen’s capabilities for the best experience.


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