Scream Voice Changer: 5 Best Platforms To Make Ghost Voice

Scream Voice Changer

There is no horror movie in cinema history with perhaps as much of an impact as the movie Scream. Released in 1996, this cult classic horror movie remains one of the defining moments of Western cinema, especially in the realm of horror. Directed by the incredibly visionary director Wes Craven, this movie redefined the genre and sparked a new era of horror filmmaking. What sets “Scream” apart from its peers is its perfect blend of suspense, wit, and sheer terror. Decades after its debut, the film continues to captivate audiences, a testament to its timeless appeal. And the primary reason for that is the big bad horror villain in the movie – Ghostface.

Scream Voice Changer: 5 Best Platforms To Make Ghost Voice

At the heart of “Scream” is the enigmatic Ghostface, an instantly recognizable figure whose chilling voice sends shivers down our spines. Ghostface’s haunting presence has transcended the screen to become a symbol of fear itself. Many aspire to emulate this iconic voice, whether for Halloween thrills, mischievous pranks, or simply to revel in the macabre allure of Ghostface. In this article, we delve into the art of recreating Ghostface’s voice, unveiling the tools and techniques to achieve that spine-tingling tone. You are welcome to the world of Ghostface, where screams are timeless, and the voice is eternal.

Scream and Ghostface’s Impact On Western Media

As we have discussed at the start, Scream completely redefined the horror movie genre. But that was not all it did. The incredible movie by Wes Craven, left an indelible mark on Western media, reshaping the landscape of the horror genre and permeating popular culture. At the heart of its enduring legacy stands the iconic figure of Ghostface, a character whose chilling masked face and unforgettable voice have become synonymous with fear.

Ghostface is more than just another evil horror villain; he represents fear and suspense in a way that transcends the boundaries of the big screen. The character’s remarkable attire, which includes a menacing black robe and of course, the ever-iconic terrifying mask, has left a lasting impression on the public. However, what truly distinguishes Ghostface is the spine-tingling, raspy voice that he growls in. This voice, oozing with dread and embodying fear itself in sound, is instantly recognisable, with famed voice actor Roger L. Jackson ddonating his vocal cords to produce a sound that is truly the representation of utter dread, his instantly recognised voice is unlike anything else.

What Makes Scream Voice Changer Unique?

Now, let us understand what exactly is the Scream voice changer, what it does and how it functions. As seen, we have discovered how we utilize the scream voice changer and have some fun pranks and scares through it. But let’s dive into more about it. A scream voice changer is a specialized voice-changing software which transforms your voice to the raspy and spooky voice of Ghostface from Scream. But how does this voice-changing software work? Basically, it works by modifying the recorded voice’s pitch, tone, and sometimes even speed. Algorithms for advanced digital signal processing are used to transform this data. To create the appropriate voice modulation, the program analyzes the incoming audio and modifies certain characteristics, such as frequency and resonance.

Users can alter settings to resemble various characters, genders, or even creatures, or they can choose from a variety of preset voice effects. However, the ones important for us here are voice-changers which can change our voice to that of Ghostface. The character of Ghostface is extremely popular and his voice remains one of the most iconic and recognisable voices in horror media, or even movies in general. By using these voice changers we can imitate that iconic voice ourselves, and act as the classic horror icon for laughs or pranks. Now that we know about the various Scream voice changers available and how they function, let us compare them for an easier decision.

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Best Scream Voice Changers Available

These are the top five best voice changers which truly transform your voice to become the terrifying sound of terror that is Ghostface. After which, we tabulate them together to make it easier for you to choose your pick.

MagicMic Ghostface Voice Changer – Android/iOS/Windows: A versatile voice-changing tool available on multiple platforms. It stands out as a top choice for those seeking to recreate the eerie Ghostface voice for various purposes.


  • Real-time voice changer with a variety of terrifying voices.
  • Access to captivating horror sounds like screams and scary noises.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Steps to Use:

  • Download and install MagicMic Ghostface Voice Changer.
  • Launch the application and choose your preferred voice filter.
  • Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired voice effect.
  • Customize your voice filter using Voice Studio.
  • Enjoy the ability to sound like Ghostface on your chosen platform.

Scary Voice Changer – Android: Scary Voice Changer for Android lives up to its name by transforming your voice into a chilling and raspy tone reminiscent of Ghostface. It’s an excellent choice for Android users looking to add a spooky twist to their voices.


  • This platform is absolutely free to use.
  • Real-time voice pitch adjustment.
  • Offers several spooky sound effects for voice editing.

Steps to Use:

  • Download and install the Scary Voice Changer app on your Android device.
  • Open the app and select your preferred voice pitch.
  • Experiment with different sound effects to create your desired scary voice.
  • Adjust the settings in real time for the perfect effect.

Scary Voice Changer and Recorder – iOS: It’s an ideal choice for iOS users who want to create frightening audio effects, scream filters, and background enhancements for practical jokes or audio recordings.


  • Provides various spooky effects for audio files.
  • Allows for echo and voice pitch adjustments.
  • Offers multiple options for modifying audio recordings.

Steps to Use:

  • Download and install the Scary Voice Changer and Recorder app on your iOS device.
  • Open the app and select your desired spooky effect.
  • Record your voice or import an existing audio file.
  • Apply echo and voice pitch adjustments to achieve the desired scare factor.

TopMediai Scream Voice Changer – Online: An online tool designed to effortlessly transform your voice into Ghostface’s iconic tone. It offers a range of vocal filters and backdrop effects to enhance your audio recordings.


  • Free online platform with numerous editing options.
  • No installation is required; works directly in your web browser.
  • Offers a wide selection of voice effects and filters.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.

Steps to Use:

  • Visit the TopMediai Scream Voice Changer website in your web browser.
  • Upload your audio recording or use the built-in voice-changing tools.
  • Explore the various vocal filters and background effects available.
  • Customize your voice recording to sound like Ghostface with ease.

Voicemod – Windows: A renowned voice-changing software, popular among YouTubers and gamers. In addition to its Scream filter, it offers a wide range of features for Windows users.


  • Compatible with popular multiplayer games.
  • An extensive library of voice filters, including the Scream filter.
  • Frequent updates with new features.

Steps to Use:

  • Download and install Voicemod on your Windows computer.
  • Launch the application and select the Scream filter or any other desired effect.
  • Configure the settings to fine-tune your voice modulation.
  • Enjoy the versatility of Voicemod during gaming or content creation.

LingoJam – Online: It offers a straightforward online interface for applying voice change filters, including Ghostface effects. It allows you to transform your voice recordings easily.


  • User-friendly online interface.
  • Quick results without complexity.
  • Ability to apply filters to recorded voices.

Steps to Use:

  • Visit the LingoJam website using your web browser.
  • Upload your voice recording or use the provided tools for voice modulation.
  • Apply the desired Ghostface or other filters to your audio.
  • Effortlessly transform your voice without complications.

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Comparison of All Listed Voice Changers

Service NameAvailable PlatformVoice FiltersVoice EffectsKey Functions
MagicMic Ghostface Voice ChangerAll225+600+Offers Voice Studio to alter filters has the option of importing audio files and works on Windows 11
Scary Voice ChangerAndroid8+NoneVoice modulator with the audio editor and voice effects
Scary Voice Changer and RecorderiOS50+20+Voice recorder, voice editor, and voice effects
TopMediai Scream Voice ChangerOnline53+200+Text-to-speech conversion, real-time voice recording, voice effects, and custom voice filters
VoicemodWindows80+80+Most realistic voice filters with AI voice options, are highly versatile and compatible with a lot of programs.

Now that you know the differences and what sort of features each software has, the task of choosing the correct software which suits your needs remains up to you. Our pick is MagicMic Voice Changer as it is the most versatile tool.

Note that besides these tools, there are also certain apps on both iOS and Android which can provide the voice filter of Ghostface, as well as other filters, to be put over calls for pranking people. We have listed them below as well.

  • Funcalls – Android/iOS: This app can be used for both voice filters and call pranks. There is a decent library where you can put voice filters and there is even an option of downloading recorded voices. Furthermore, the app works with international calls as well. However, it should be noted that the library of voice effects is lacking and not very loud.
  • MagicCall – Android/iOS: This app provides an extensive library of voice filters and background effects to add to your calls and make them more interesting. The options are vast for both voice filters or for background effects such as cheers or party atmosphere. However, users sometimes report glitches in the app so be mindful of that.


Scream voice changers have a specific demand in the voice-changing industry. Users have the exhilarating power to alter their voices into spine-tingling, raspy tones identical to the infamous horror villain thanks to this specialised software and programs that were inspired by the renowned Ghostface character from the Scream movie. There is a scream voice changer for everyone, including TopMediai’s flexible web platform, Scary Voice Changer’s Android software, iMyFone MagicMic for Windows and Mac users, and Scary Voice Changer and Recorder for iOS fans. These technologies alter pitch, tone, and tempo to produce the unsettling metamorphosis, frequently using sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms. There are also Android and iOS apps which can apply the technology of voice filters and effects to calls, adding a flair to your conversations and adding material for pranks. After learning about the different options available for Scream voice changers you are sure to find one which suits your needs. Enjoy the terror of Ghostface!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can I get a screaming voice online, and how?

Ans: Certainly! Using TopMediai Voice Changer, you can get a screaming voice online. To add flavour to your audio recordings, you can even make your own unique scream voice effect.

Q) Can I use a Scream Voice Changer for live streaming or video calls?

Ans: Yes, many Scream Voice Changers are compatible with popular streaming platforms and video call apps. You can use them to entertain your audience or prank your friends during video chats or live streams.


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