5 Workable Techniques To Check Sea Of Thieves Server Status

Sea Of Thieves Server Status

The world of online gaming has never been more vibrant than right now. Multiplayer gaming has been on the boom with new releases over a wide range of genres of video games. Usually, multiplayer online gaming was just consisting of first-person shooter (FPS) games such as Call of Duty, but now the genre has diversified in recent times, with games like Sea of Thieves capturing the attention of gamers worldwide. Sea of Thieves was released in 2018 by Microsoft, and was developed by Rare Studios. The game has a shared multiplayer open world fully available to explore by all the players simultaneously. The game is overwhelmingly positive on Steam and rated 9/10.

5 Workable Techniques To Check Sea Of Thieves Server Status

One of the best features of this game is the constantly evolving world. Since 2018, the game has gone through major changes and updates which significantly boost the overall game and add new content for their players to have fun with. It is exclusive to Xbox (and PCs), being one of the first exclusive games on Microsoft’s platform. So, it has a wide player base to appeal to, and it does that with numerous updates making the game alive even today. However, being such a large scale game with such a massive player base and expansive world to explore, there are bound to be some problems with the server every now and then. But if your pirating adventure has been stopped by these issues, do not worry, as we will cover how to check for the Sea of Thieves server status and general fixes for server issues, so you can go back to exploring the high seas again.

Why Checking Sea Of Thieves Server Is Important?

Before we go over to fix the issue of Sea of Thieves server status, we must first and foremost understand what a server exactly does and how it is important for a game like Sea of Thieves. In online games, servers are essential since they provide the framework for the entire gameplay experience. The game environment is primarily hosted and managed by powerful computers or computer clusters, ensuring that players may interact with each other and the virtual world without any issues. The same is true for Sea of Thieves, and as we have discussed this game is extremely famous and large-scale, so server issues are understandable. Multiplayer games with large player bases and a dedicated community can occasionally run into the stutter or network issues, such as with Fortnite.

That is why when heading for a long, scabbard-wielding journey across the high seas on Sea of Thieves, it is good advice to check for the currently updated server status of Sea of Thieves before embarking on your journey, for if you are excited to get some free time and play the game, but after you boot up the game the servers are not ready – it tends to be quite the frustrating affair. Or even being in the middle of an intense ship fight, and then suddenly you’re faced with the error of “Server Disconnected”. This is a truly annoying situation to be in, so below we cover how to prevent it.

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How Should You Check Sea Of Thieves Server Status?

Not to worry though, as checking for the Sea of Thieves server status is no treasure-hunting affair, but a rather simple task. There are different ways to be updated with the current status of your favorite game, and we have listed all of them below.

Through the Official Sea of Thieves Website

The easiest way to check whether you will be able to go on a swashbuckling adventure through dangerous waters or whether you would have to wait for servers to come online again is by accessing their official website.

Here you can check in real-time if the server is facing any issues and if you might have to delay your game session till another time.

Social Media Channels

In today’s time, every piece of information and all the current news is circulated through social media first and foremost, with all the information regarding any range of topics being available on social media websites. You can follow the Sea of Thieves accounts on social media sites and/or other fan accounts which keep up-to-date with the latest information about Sea of Thieves server status.

Community Forums

As we mentioned, there is a dedicated player base of Sea of Thieves passionate about the game and its status. So, you can check into any of the various community forums available online about Sea of Thieves such as Discord. Discussing on these forums or seeing current discussions could easily fix your problem with the Sea of Thieves server status.

Awareness Of General Server Fix Times

If you are an avid Sea of Thieves player then it will do you good to know the usual times when the game goes for server maintenance. The game goes down for maintenance during the time of 2:30 PM IST (9 AM UTC). This is because Rare, the developers of Sea of Thieves, are a company based in the UK. So now, if there is going to be a new update soon of Sea of Thieves and you’re logging into the game around this time but the server shows as disconnected, you know why.

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Through DownDetector

DownDetector is renowned website which helps people know about on-going server issues in the application whether it’s an online game or a social media website. With the help of this unbiased and trustworthy portal you can easily find out if there’s any kind of server issue with Sea of Thieves. For confirmation you need to visit official website of DownDetector and enter Sea of Thieves in the search box. If you see the message that ‘Users reports indicate no current problems at Sea of Thieves’ then the server is working absolutely fine.


Even among various famed online games available on the internet, such as League of Legends, Sea of Thieves has carved out a genre of itself with wide popularity and new updates and features even after about 5 years of its release at the time of writing this article. But with such a game, server downtimes are inevitable. But, if we stay ahead by preparing for the worst by knowing the Sea of Thieves server status, it can help us enjoy the game to the fullest. By using the methods we have described in detail in our article, you are sure to be up on the details of Sea of Thieves server status and make sure that your virtual pirating adventures never stop!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Are server issues common in Sea of Thieves?

Ans: Due to the broad design and big player community of Sea of Thieves, server outages can happen. These interruptions can include everything from brief stutters to problems with the network. However, they are not common.

Q) How often do major updates and changes occur in Sea of Thieves?

Ans: Since its debut in 2018, Sea of Thieves has routinely gotten upgrades and improvements. Players are kept interested and entertained by the game’s ongoing evolution because new features and materials are consistently being added.

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