Secret Essential Geography Office: Workplace Secret

Secret Essential Geography Office: Workplace Secret

Eric used to work in an immense company that had almost 20 – 25 floors and each floor had at least 50+ rooms. Once, he had a mental breakdown so he asked one of his colleagues if there was any point where he can cry. After an hour or so, she came to him and in seriousness asked about his mental status and showed him a way to back stairs that were rarely used by anyone. There he could easily find privacy and let his emotions vent out. He termed those stairs as a ‘Secret essential geography office’. One could not cry at his/ her desk, just walk with a smiling face until one finds their secret essential geography office and weep as much as they want. Every office has its particular mental maps.

Secret Essential Geography Office: Workplace Secret

For instance, if somebody says that he’s shifting to the 18th floor, you being a social animal find out where you are in the office w.r.t the floor. Every kind of office has its informal and formal maps, be it a bank, school, college, museum, cathedral, etc. If someone says, I’m going to the A block, being in the same company you know in which direction they’re going. The pandemic ended the office era for a while, which made us realize that our office culture is an oxymoron. It snatched away our office desks, and somewhere our social skills. Humans work better as a node in a network rather than cattle in a pen.

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Why Is There Need For Secret Essential Geography Office?

  • A home is considered to be the most stable and constant environment for an individual. Nevertheless, an office plays a crucial role in being a large clock with human hands.
  • It’s a fact that people who once never considered returning to the office every morning during the pre-pandemic time are now the ones who now are concerned about their time.
  • It sometimes comes like a person itself. They feel travelling to the office is a waste of time and they are the ones who try to attain efficiency in their health and career.
  • The stress of handling children of a small age, fulfilling expectations of boss and family, triangulating between the schedule of daycare, etc. Such stressful situations make anyone cry.
  • The pressure one faces in the work can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to vent out your flow of emotions by crying in a secret essential geography office.
  • Employees spend half of their daytime in the office. For strengthening the cohesion of the employee with an office, make the employee wear custom badges and the logo of the company that enhances the sense of identity.
  • You can opt for customizable lapel pins that provide great quality at affordable rates. WFH can be quite helpful for people with disabilities. It saves them from worthless negotiation. Such situations can be tagged as quite legitimate. Despite everything, we are still returning.
  • Maybe not everyone, especially the ones that have a mixed schedule. Nevertheless, the majority section is well aware of it. Such circumstances hike up the stress level and not the salary. Elevators can be stated as the best example of a ‘Secret essential geography office’.
  • The secret essential geography office does not make anyone a human icicle. It’s difficult to adjust oneself to the rhythm of home-walk-work-walk-home.
    Adding one more point to this monotony; one is not able to move out of the home while working from home because the computer that contains our work material can’t be moved out.
  • That’s why it does not matter what kind of work a person is engaging in. In the end, every work needs to be done from the same computer, sitting on the same chair for hours, staring at the computer screen.
  • Every person expects one or the other thing and if it does not get fulfilled, they cry after finding a perfect place. The kitchen arena is a perfect secret essential geography office on whom one can rely.

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The secret essential geography office is a place where one can find themselves in peace and can cry their heart out. A person spends half of their day at the office. Holding on to emotions is not possible. If you don’t find a secret essential geography office to cry out loud, it will jump out in the form of anger and frustration that can spoil relations among colleagues. Therefore, you should find a secret essential geography office in a short duration after you get into a job.

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