Surface Pro 6 Launched With Improved Internals In Matte-Black Color

Surface Pro 6 Launched

Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that offers huge software, services, and devices to the customers. Today it is upgrading the Surface device. After the previous year update of the Surface Pro. Now the Surface Pro is the great update. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is loaded with the improved internals that attracts the people to purchase the Surface Pro 6 device.

Surface Pro 6 Launched With Improved Internals In Matte-Black Color

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is loaded with the upgraded processors from the Intel that boasts the Intel’s 8th generation Core processors that helps to improve the per formance as well as the power usage. The new device is apparently seventy percent more powerful when compared to the previous model device. The Surface Pro 6 has the notable change on the device outside. It has the new color variant and the weight of the device is 1.7 pounds.


The m3 model is equipped with the 4 GB RAM that dropped for the 8 GB Core i5. It has the 128 GB SSD that allows you to store a lot of the photos, files, and others. Now the new Surface Pro 6 can be bumped to the 16 GB Core i7 that comes with the 1 TB SSD. It supports the quad-core processors. The Intel’s 8th generation processor is used in the Surface Pro 6.

Display And Camera

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with the 5 MP front cameras and 8 MP rear cameras with the Hello support of Windows. Microsoft Pro 6 has the 267 ppi screen that comes with the contrast ratio. It is the highest on the Surface Pro products in the market. The battery life of a laptop is 13.5-hour. It has a fast charging feature that allows the device to charge quickly.

Price And Colors

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is available in different colors such as black, cobalt blue, platinum, burgundy, and others. You can purchase the device as per your choice and budget. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 starts at 899 dollars that varies on the variant. It is available for sale on 16 October in the US.

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