What is Hackathon And Tips To Find Hackathon Nearby

Tips To Find Hackathon Nearby

Hackathon is a marathon in which various techies participate to develop many things in collaboration by coding and designing. The things that are developed are:

What is Hackathon And Tips To Find Hackathon Nearby
  • Mobile apps
  • Robots
  • Websites
  • Software programs

The beginning of the marathon starts with a presentation of the event. After that, groups are made which make an idea and work accordingly. The period of this marathon is from 24 hours to 48 hours. In this period the participants sleep, eat little and mainly concentrate on their project. The projects are submitted at the end of the event and the participants are awarded various prizes.

Two types of these hackathons are arranged, One is for public and other is by private companies. Such events are an opportunity for the fresher as well as experienced to learn and enhance their knowledge. This is also a way in which techies meet many new people and get connected to each other. In order to find a hackathon, users can visit the following websites

Major League Hacking:  Learn Build And Share Knowledge  

It is a student league and as the name suggests, its aim is to help hackers empower themselves. There is a yellow attending button and the person who wants to participate in it has to click it. Such hackathons are arranged in North America and Europe. The criteria for participating in this event are that the person should either be a student for at least 12 months or have graduated in North America or Europe. If this criterion is not met, the participant can take part in other hackathons that are not student based.

HackEvents: Leading Search Engine For Hackathons

This is the search engine for hackathons. They can search for various types of hackathon events with various search options available. The participants can either search country-wise or by the name of the event. Users can also check nearby upcoming hackathons events.

Hackathon Event By EOS Global In Hong Kong  (Video Source: EOS.IO)

Hack list:  List Of Upcoming Hackathons

This website is a list of hackathon events that are held worldwide. Along with it, the date and cost of the upcoming hackathons are also mentioned. Besides these, much other information related to the events is also mentioned. Users can also search on the basis of different criteria. These criteria include the hackathons that

  • Offer travel reimbursements
  • Have Prizes
  • Accept high schoolers

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Devpost:  Build Product And Win Price

This website helps people to search a hackathon. Besides this, users can also submit their project and be a part of a team.  The hackathon projects can be sorted on the basis of the date of submission, deadlines, and prize. Users can find the hackathons that are to be held worldwide.

Hackathons Near Me:  Check Local Events 

This website helps a user to find a hackathon nearby. He can do this by mentioning his address or city name. Users can also check about hackathons that allow virtual participation.

Hackathon IO: Featured And Local Hackathons 

This website lets a user know about all the upcoming hackathon events that are going to be held shortly. The website also has a network tab through which a user can connect with other participants.

Hackearth: Challenges And Technical Recruitment

This is a website that lists the upcoming hackathons. Along with this, the website also has a list of hackathons that have already been arranged and completed. Users can also use the website to either organize a hackathon or to participate in a hackathon. The hackathons can be browsed on the basis of cities and fields like machine learning, internet of things, FinTech etc.

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