Top 7 Best Laptops For Programming 2018- Filter Out Best One to Buy

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Laptops are everywhere and it is a device without which you cannot survive in your workspace. We have reviewed some of the laptops with their specifications which will help you to choose which one to buy. The review is based on the programming functioning. Read ahead and decide which one suits you the best.

Top 7 Best Laptops For Programming 2018- Filter Out Best One to Buy

1)Lenovo ThinkPad E470 :

The main thing that attracts people about this laptop is that it is really light in the realm of programming laptops. This 14-inch laptop has a capacity to be configured with many graphics. Additional HDMI and USB ports make this laptop very useful when it comes to information sharing. You can have a finger-print password which gives an awesome security. Apart from this, the superb sound, wide-angle viewing, and attractive display are other things which makes the laptop business ready and best for your programming purpose.

Lenovo ThinkPad E470
          “Lenovo ThinkPad E470”


2) HP 255 G5:

With AMD E2 APU Processor, AMD Radeon R2 graphics and 15.6 HD display, this is the laptop which has all the features which one could expect from the latest laptops with modern technologies. The standout thing about this laptop is the WLED HD glare-free viewing. In terms of memory, the laptops have DDR3 RAM and the storage capacity is 1 TB. HD audio with DTS studio sound is another factor which makes this laptop a choice for buyers.

laptop With WLED HD glare-free viewing
                     “HP 255 G5”

3) Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar:

The display is colorful and so vibrant that you just cannot say no to this device once you see it. It has a multi-touch enabled strip, 4.1GHz turbo boost, 500-nit retina display and a battery life which lasts nearly for 10 hours. The newest feature which has gained popularity is that the keys have been replaced by the touch bar which has made it super convenient for the users to access tools etc.

Top 7 Best Laptops For Programming 2018- Filter Out Best One to Buy
            “Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar”

4) Microsoft Surface Pro:

Surface Pro is a fantastic laptop if one is searching for the laptops which are light-weighted. The PixelSense display has blurred the lines between the reality and visual that you one screen. This is why this laptop is renowned for its finest visual quality. The 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 128 GB of storage, 4GH DDR3 RAM and 13,5 hours of video playback constitutes the basic features of this awesome device. The other attractive stuff regarding the laptop is better surface pen comfier and punchier type cover. Well, the aforementioned things fall into the accessory category but they can really make your working process easier.

Microsoft Surface Pro- laptops which are light-weighted
            “Microsoft Surface Pro ” 


5) Google Pixelbook:

It is the first Chromebook having the high-end features. The full Android support makes this device exceptionally good for sharing a purpose. The 2 in one design can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. 2400*1600 pixel display, 7th generation i7 processors and Intel HD graphics have made this laptop best. All the software are enhanced and the Android support does not at all steals the Chromebook stamp from it in any way. The sleek design speaks better and is a testament to the aforementioned statement.

First Chromebook having the high-end features
        “Google Pixelbook”

6) Asus Chromebook Flip:

The first thing that catches the attention about this laptop is that it is convertible. This means you can use it as a tablet as well. The hinge is 360 degrees flexible and the 12.5 inches is the screen.  Another good thing is that the battery life is long and it just takes few seconds to start. You can access all Android apps here and it is one of the lightest laptops in the realm of modern laptops today. The touchscreen is smooth and there will be no struggle with it whether you use the device in the tablet mode or in the conventional laptop mode.

Attention about this laptop is that it is convertible
          “Asus Chromebook FlipImage “

7) Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch:

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is fine in all its aspects. Sleek design, fabulous display, and the ‘Apple’ factor are all there in this laptop. 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 memory, 513GB SSD storage, four thunderbolts, 3theree parts are the factors which are enhanced in this one if you compare it with the 13 inches MacBook Pro. So if you are looking something better than the 13 inches MacBook Pro then go for the 15 inches one.

Sleek design, fabulous display, and the ‘Apple’ factor are all there in this laptop
          “MacBook pro with Touch Bar 15 “



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