Truecaller Introduce Truecaller Chat Among Spam To Protect Fake News

Truecaller chart among spam to protect fake news

With the advent of technology, people are operating smartphone to use new features.Android users are accessing lots of application for various purposes. Majority of an Android user has using truecaller on their smartphone to avoid unwanted calls. Recently, truecaller has released new chat features that help you to share a link and message conversation with perfect protection.

Truecaller Introduce Truecaller Chat Among Spam To Protect Fake News

It allows you to chat with protection tool which helps you to report fake news and links. Truecaller chat will be accessible by truecaller users.It is specially created to avoid seeing the fake news. It is established for the instant messaging platform. However, it assists android users to make communication safely with any person.

Acquire some details of truecaller chat:

Numerous people are adoption with social media across the world. In India fake news has been raise day by day.It helps to remove spam calls that faced by Android users via caller id. It filtering unwanted message on your inbox. It is one of the ways to control the spread of lots of details. Truecaller chat assist users to marks some fake links as spam. It offers what information is fake on the marked website. It applies machine learning and access spam reports to protect viral trends. It has connected with interesting aspects like auto switch among chat and SMS. It assists Android users to keep the conversation at a specific place. It allows an enjoyable experience for the users.

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It allows you to make conversation with any person in safe. Truecaller chat is an exact platform to create strong spam-free communication. In India, most the people are facing trouble by the fake stories.  The true caller takes a big step to reduce fake information going viral. It is a new messaging platform that helps to minimize the spreading of fake news. It is available only for android platform.It has the capability to find false information and prevent spreading. It offers good support to android user’s o transferring money on sharing locations and contacts. So, use the truecaller chat to get protection from fake news.

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