Zoom Limitations In Free Plan : Unwanted Hurdles {Participants,Call Duration, etc}

Zoom Limitations

Working and teamwork remotely were a bit difficult in earlier times but now it has become so easy. It’s all because of the services provided by Zoom App. It differs according to the plan. A person can host a meeting with numerous participants at once and one can use other features such as raising a hand, saving chats on the cloud, ending a meeting, etc. Though many services provided by Zoom have helped many users it includes some limitations as well depending upon the plan used by the user.

Zoom Limitations In Free Plan : Unwanted Hurdles {Participants,Call Duration, etc}

In the upcoming section of this article, we will be discussing a few zoom limitations in free plan that you might have faced.

Zoom Application

It is a collaborative application that allows everyone to connect through voice or video calls With the help of zoom, anyone can conduct group video calls, one-on-one meets; alter their background, share content, record sessions, etc. instantly from the web browser, desktop, or service app.You can use Zoom on any platform, be it Mac or Windows, and can easily integrate the services with Google calendar, Google Drive, Skype, Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, etc. The plans offered by this tool include free as well as paid services & provide different sets of services to each customer.

Limitations of Zoom App

Limit In Zoom Participants

If you are using the free plan of Zoom, you can host a meeting with a maximum of 100 participants at once. A paid user can host a meeting with more participants than a free plan user. The maximum range for the inclusion of participants in a paid plan is around 1000 at once. There is also a plan of opt-in add-on where pro users can conduct a meet with 500-1000 participants.

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Limit In Call Duration

If you are conducting any meet on Zoom in a free plan, you can conduct numerous meetings but the duration of each meeting will be around 40 minutes. But if you are using the paid plan, the duration of the meeting exceeds up to 30 hours for each meeting.

Time Limit For Basic Free Plan

As we have discussed above, you cannot exceed your time limit for video conferencing beyond 40 minutes if you are a free plan user. To extend the duration of time, you have to become a pro, enterprise, or business plan user. Nonetheless, there is a reasonable workaround that permits you to bypass the 40 minutes zoom cutoff,

Just leave the meet and tell the participants to join it again by joining the link.

Zoom Meeting Free Plan
Zoom Meeting Free Plan

Limit For Webinars

Along with the official and unofficial meetings, zoom also helps you to host any remote events with 50,000 viewers in one meeting so that the head of the organization can easily reach their clients and employees easily and effectively. It’s totally on you, how you configure it. Just choose the number of attendees limit for your webinar from 100 to 10,000 per host. If you need more headroom like around 50,000, you can contact the sales team of Zoom and extend your limit by paying additional charges.

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Limit For Cloud Recording

If you are a paid user of zoom, you have a facility to record a meet and keep it to the cloud. You can save any video, chat text, audio, etc. from any meeting and store it in the Zoom cloud.

Limit of Gallery View

The mode of ‘Gallery View’ on Zoom allows the host to see as many participants on the screen in a grid structure. If you are using it on a computer, you can see around 49 participants at a time and on iOS or android, the limit decreases to 4 participants at a time on their screen.

Limit of Breakout Rooms

Zoom provides you with the facility to divide your group meet into sub-groups meets with the feature or breakout rooms. When a host uses the feature of breakout rooms, he can shift every single participant to separate rooms. There’s a limit of 50 breakout rooms in a zoom meet and each room can have a maximum range of 500 participants but not during the nomination of 50 breakout rooms.


Now that you have learned every possible limitation that you face on Zoom while conducting a meet, you can Google out the possible solutions for these limitations to conduct your meetings with ease. You can go through our site to find out the possible methods that can help you to tackle these limitations easily.

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