Lock Screen Is No Longer Obstruction To Activate Google Assistant

No Longer An Obstruction To Activate Google Assistant

The latest Android phones in the market already have Google assistant installed in them. So, one just has to enable this feature to make use of it.  The latest Google Assistant feature is giving the freedom to activate it even when the screen is locked. This is done using the voice command. Swipe up after giving the ‘Hey Google’ command and you will be able to do the usual stuff on your phone. This will allow the user to access recent notes and your recent reminders.

Other interesting features are also lined up regarding Google assistant. For example, there is a feature which is the latest addition in Google assistant that can teach good manners to kids. No one imagined that Google Assistant can contribute to the child’s healthy learning.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant (Mini)

Another interesting and rather a useful thing about Google Assistant is that it is now able to make calls on the user’s behalf. This can get rid of many obstructions that users face while they do some work. Who wants to make calls while their hands are involved in some other important work? Now, this problem is over with the latest ‘call feature’ of Google.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that he wants Google Assistant to be prompt and active. His wish is to make Google as comfortable as it can get. There have been complaints from the users in the past that they have to repeatedly tell the instructions to Google to make it work. With the latest updates and additional features, the makers have tried to get rid of such troubles. Hopefully, it is now quick and users will now be content with Google Assistant’s working process.


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