IOS User Can See Messages From Different E-Mail Accounts In One Inbox


Gmail has now introduced a feature of iOS users that they will now be able to access all of their emails using a single inbox. This is probably going to be proved a great feature as it will cut a lot of manual from one account to other. One just has to go and select ‘’All Inboxes View’’ which will be available on the left side of Gmail and this will give the ease to the user to view messages from all the accounts.  Gmail Android app already had this function which was known as ‘unified inbox’. Now, fortunately, iOS users do not have to sacrifice for using this function as Google has come up with the same idea for them as well.

Messages From Different E-Mail Accounts In One Inbox
Messages From Different E-Mail Accounts In One Inbox

This new feature will be functional to all of the Gmail account that one will be adding to the Gmail iOS app. No matter it is your personal account or work account, you will be able to access the messages. This will be available in the coming week or within ten days according to the sources. Also, this feature does not have any fool play as across other emails, no account would be able to see the messages of the other account. Therefore, the privacy factor is intact with the Email.

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Users of iOS have long been waiting for this function and finally, Google has introduced it for them. Recently, Google has come up with lots of changes with various of its functions. The latest being iOS mail viewing, another one was it introduced the news feed for mobile on its search homepage. Some people have supported the function whereas a large number of the users gave it a thumbs down. Let us see what other features Google comes up with for its Android and iOS users in the coming times.



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