Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan: 825 Per License/ Month

Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan: 825 Per License/ Month

We have seen that the digital platform is expanding at a huge scale and people are more keen and interested to converse over video call rather than voice call services. So further seeing such crazy demand Bharti Airtel launches versatile conferencing service known as Airtel BlueJeans which is offering a Pro Plan of Rs 825/per month to its customers. It’s offering monthly plans to the customers and quotation services to the huge enterprises for availing the services under this beneficial plan. The bill for this plan is curated every month and further also contributes to evaluate the team management and productivity performing thorough integration and analysis.

Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan: 825 Per License/ Month

This plan was launched in July 2020 specifically aiming for strengthening the security in the virtual meetings and conferences alongside with maintaining the privacy of the participants

Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan
Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan

Benefits Available to Single Customers Using Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan

  • Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan service is accessible to 75 participants at a single time.
  • Endless amount of one to one meetings with proper internet connection.
  • Unlimited Group Conferences, Seminars and Meetings for a longer period.
  • Recording of Host Meetings for up to 25 hours
  • Short Introduction for a timeline duration of 15 minutes
  • Availability of control centre analytics
  • Airtel BlueJean Pro Plan supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Working Session can last up to 72 hours
  • Other features provided by Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan includes mobile conferencing alongside with web and video conferencing.
  • It also provides high-grade security and doesn’t allow unwanted participants to enter within the meetings.
  • Assistance is available 24*7 to the customers
  • It’s simple and can is accessible from anywhere via a single touch on smartphone or laptop.
  • This plan also assists the customers with admin services.
  • Useful and Effective Dialling Options available for the users.
  • It also grasps the most significant and valuable discussion points from the meetings.

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Benefits Available to Enterprises Using Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan

  • Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan service can host up to 100 participants at a single time.
  • Unlimited amount of recordings can be performed.
  • Availability of Command Centre Pro for controlling the live meetings
  • Brand Customization feature is also accessible for the enterprise users.
  • Other add on special pro services are also available for the enterprise customers.

How Airtel BlueJeans Pro Plan Works?

  • Step 1:Free Trial Registration
  • Step 2: Submission of all the important details
  • Step 3: Activation of the free trial services are available at the instant note.
  • Step 4:The free trial plan of Airtel Blue Jeans is made available to the customers and enterprises.


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