Zerodha Non-Profit Org Rainmatter Foundation To Fight Climate Change

Zerodha Non-Profit Org Rainmatter Foundation To Fight Climate Change

Transportation services have suffered a lot amidst this pandemic but now things have been adjusting back to the same pace with continuous work involvement and maintenance.

Zerodha Non-Profit Org Rainmatter Foundation To Fight Climate Change

To overcome such drastic situations Zerodha has initiated the effort to set up a non-profit organisation, Rainmatter Foundation which is mainly curated for supporting small businesses and organisations who have been working on difficulties caused due to climate change and aims to develop a better environment using nature conservation techniques such as afforestation, organic farming etc.

As per the reports, Nithin Kamath ( Indian stockbroker ) along with his wife and brother has included a fresh entity known as ‘ Rainmatter Land development ‘ in May 2020. He strives to bring a positive ecological change with the help of third parties who are willing to create, organize and preserve sustainable natural forests through the latest methods and techniques and all this would also include partnerships with well-known and popular scientists and researchers from this field.

He also feels that the development of a green economy would also establish a strong and secure platform for green jobs as that’s considered to be a crucial part of the environment and is a prominent cause to bring a positive change. However, he also adds up that there should be an equal distribution of wealth and other resources along with offset migration and distribution of goods and services all over India to expand this creation everywhere rather than limiting it’s range to few urban cities.

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Besides all this Sameer Sisodia who’s founder of ‘Farming Collective and Linger Leisure’ has now united with  ‘RainMatter Foundation’ and is appointed as the forefront head of this non-profit organization.

In terms of investment ‘ Rainmatter Foundation ‘ is also getting involved with entrepreneurs who are interested in working together for developing a more green and fair economy. Moreover, this upgrading foundation has also invested in Terra which is an online climate school training institute which emphasises on training climate entrepreneurs on several domains such as climate science, social justice, business, policy and Blue Sky Analytics. This institute also teaches about basic time and prognostic environmental intelligence to the learners.

‘Rainmatter Foundation’ has also promised to disburse $100 million funds which will be used to finance all the above-mentioned projects and that would soon become the green replicable models in future.

It’s also said to be backend by Zerodha and has also assisted the startup companies to grow in the field of infrastructure and regulatory complexities along with financial involvement of $100K-$1 million aiming for better results. However, some of the known startups in which ‘Rainmatter Foundation’ has financially invested and gained profit are Small case, Digio, Finshots, Learn app and many more so just let’s hope that the evolution of this non-profit organisation remains constant and effective for a long run in future.

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