Airtel DTH: Plans, Buy New Connection, Installation Charges & Customer Care

Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH, a pioneering service by Bharti Airtel Limited, offers unparalleled entertainment to its subscribers. With swift installation, diverse plans, enticing offers, and seamless relocation procedures, Airtel DTH ensures a stress-free TV experience. Boasting a staggering reach of 15.9 million households in fiscal year 2023, it stands out as a preferred choice for viewers seeking unlimited entertainment. Founded in 1985, Bharti Airtel has expanded its telecom services across 18 countries, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the industry. Airtel DTH’s top features, including digital recording and parental controls, have revolutionized the viewing experience, making it a go-to option for accessing online content.

Airtel DTH: Plans, Buy New Connection, Installation Charges & Customer Care

Airtel DTH Plans (HD & SD)

Airtel DTH offers a wide range of plans catering to various preferences and budgets, making it a popular choice among customers. These plans offer a variety of channels and durations to suit different preferences and viewing habits. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements and enjoy seamless entertainment with Airtel DTH. Whether you prefer HD or SD channels, Airtel DTH has something for everyone. Below are the details of all the Airtel DTH plans categorized into HD and SD.

Airtel DTH HD Plans

Plan NameNumber of ChannelsCostValidity
Hindi Entertainment HD 1 Month Plan56Rs.3291 month
Hindi Entertainment HD 6 Month Plan56Rs.17496 months
Hindi Entertainment HD 1 Year Plan56Rs.34991 year
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan118Rs.5391 month
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports HD 6 Month Plan118Rs.29496 months
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports HD 1 Year Plan118Rs.58991 year
Hindi Mega HD 1 Month Plan137Rs.6691 month
Hindi Mega HD 6 Month Plan137Rs.65996 months
Hindi Mega HD 1 Year Plan137Rs.71991 year

Airtel DTH SD Plans

Plan NameNumber of ChannelsCostValidity
Hindi Entertainment SD 1 Month Plan56Rs.2591 month
Hindi Entertainment SD 6 Month Plan56Rs.14496 months
Hindi Entertainment SD 1 Year Plan56Rs.28991 year
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports SD 1 Month Plan113Rs.4191 month
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports SD 6-Month Plan113Rs.22996 months
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports SD 1 Year Plan113Rs.46991 year
Hindi Mega SD 1 Month Plan127Rs.5291 month
Hindi Mega SD 6 Month Plan127Rs.28496 months
Hindi Mega SD 1 Year Plan127Rs.56991 year

Purchase Airtel DTH Connection

Getting a new Airtel DTH connection is effortless and convenient with multiple purchasing options available. You can visit the official Airtel website or use the Airtel Thanks application to explore and select the best DTH plans suited to your preferences. To complete the registration process, you’ll need to provide  an Aadhar card, PAN card, address proof (such as electricity bill or rental agreement) and passport-sized photographs.

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Official Website

  • Visit the Airtel website and navigate to the DTH section.
  • Browse through the available Airtel DTH plans.
  • Select the desired plan and proceed to checkout.
  • Choose the payment option (Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking or Cash on Delivery) and make the payment.

Airtel Thanks App

  • Open the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the DTH section and select the option to purchase a new connection.
  • Choose the preferred plan from the list provided.
  • Proceed to payment and select the payment method.
  • Complete the transaction to confirm your purchase.

Local Operator

  • Visit a nearby Airtel DTH authorized dealer or operator.
  • Inquire about the available plans and offers.
  • Select the desired plan and complete the registration process as guided by the operator.

Airtel DTH Set Up Box Installation & Charges

Setting up your Airtel DTH is easy and doesn’t cost much. Normally, the setup is free, but you might need to pay for certain parts like the dish kit, antenna, and cables. Sometimes, if there’s a problem with the cables or you need to remove the set-top box or antenna, there might be extra charges. But don’t worry, these charges are small and ensure everything works smoothly. When you get Airtel DTH installed, a technician will quickly put up a small dish at your place and connect it to a set-top box. This lets you watch lots of TV channels through satellite signals, giving you access to all your favorite shows right away.

DescriptionApplicable Charges
Dish Assembly (Kit)Rs.475
Dish AntennaRs.250
RG-6 Connector (Pair)Rs.50
RG-6 Cable Joiner (1 pc)Rs.25
RG-6 Cable ReplacedRs.8/meter

Recharge Airtel DTH Plan Online & Offline

Recharging your Airtel DTH plan is convenient and easy, whether you prefer using the Airtel Thanks app or the official website.

Airtel Official Website

  • Visit the Airtel website.
  • Select the option for DTH recharge.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Enter the recharge amount.
  • Proceed to the payment section.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Complete the payment process.

Airtel Thanks App

  • Log in to the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Select the DTH recharge option.
  • Enter your DTH ID or registered number.
  • Choose your DTH operator.
  • Browse through available plans.
  • Select your desired plan.
  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ to proceed.
  • Complete the payment using your preferred method.
  • These platforms offer a user-friendly interface for seamless DTH plan recharges.

Add Or Remove Channel In Airtel DTH Connection

Managing your channel lineup on Airtel DTH has never been easier! With a plethora of channels available, it’s essential to have the flexibility to customize your subscription according to your preferences. Whether you’re adding a new channel to catch the latest IPL 2023 matches or removing channels you no longer watch, Airtel DTH provides seamless options for channel selection. You can modify your channel list

through various platforms, including the Airtel Digital TV website, app, SMS messaging, or by contacting their customer service team. This feature allows subscribers to tailor their entertainment experience precisely to their liking.

Some of the trending and popular channels on Airtel DTH include:

  • Star Sports for live sports coverage, including IPL 2023 matches
  • Zee TV for top-rated dramas and reality shows
  • Sony ESPN for comprehensive sports coverage and analysis
  • National Geographic for captivating documentaries and wildlife programming
  • Colors for a diverse range of entertainment, including reality shows and dramas

With Airtel DTH, you have the power to curate your viewing experience effortlessly, ensuring that you have access to the channels you love most. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or a news junkie, Airtel DTH has something for everyone.

Airtel DTH Customer Care Details

If you encounter any issues with your Airtel DTH connection, our customer care team is here to assist you. Simply utilize the provided contact details to connect with our dedicated executives, who are ready to address any challenges and ensure a seamless viewing experience for you.

Deactivate Airtel DTH Connection

Customers deactivate DTH connections for reasons like relocation, switching providers, or temporary non-usage. Airtel offers seamless relocation services, transferring connections to new addresses without reinstallation hassle. Customers can request deactivation or relocation assistance through Airtel’s support channels for a smooth transition. Airtel assists in removing equipment from the old place and setting it up at the new one, ensuring uninterrupted TV viewing. Charges may apply for relocation. Simply contact Airtel customer support to avail of these services. Here’s a breakdown of the charges for different types of relocations:

  • For removing the setup: Rs.150
  • For setting up in the same or different place with the old dish: Rs.250 + Rs.8 per extra meter of cable
  • For setting up in a different place with a new dish: Rs.200 + 400 + Rs.8 per extra meter of cable

These charges may vary depending on the type of relocation, like from a single dwelling unit (SDU) to a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), and vice versa. So, if you’re thinking of deactivating your DTH connection because of a move, consider Airtel’s relocation service. It ensures a smooth transition and keeps your entertainment uninterrupted.

Top 10 Features Offered By Airtel DTH

Airtel Digital TV stands out with an array of features tailored to enhance the viewing experience. It’s important to note that feature availability may vary depending on the chosen subscription plan, ensuring that subscribers can tailor their experience to their preferences and needs.

  • High-Definition (HD) and Standard-Definition (SD) channels: Subscribers enjoy access to a diverse selection of HD and SD channels spanning various genres like movies, sports, news, and entertainment.
  • Digital video recording: With DVR functionality, subscribers can effortlessly record their favorite shows and watch them later at their convenience.
  • Parental Controls: Ensure a safe viewing environment for children by locking channels and setting viewing restrictions to prevent access to inappropriate content.
  • Interactive Television Services: Explore interactive offerings such as games, astrology insights, and cooking shows for added entertainment.
  • A-la-carte Channels: Subscribers have the flexibility to choose and pay for individual channels from the Airtel DTH channel list, avoiding the need for pre-packaged bundles.
  • Multi-language Support: Choose channels in multiple languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and more, catering to diverse linguistic preferences.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG): View the schedule of programs for the next seven days conveniently on the EPG.
  • Remote Recording: Schedule recordings remotely using the Airtel Thanks app, ensuring you never miss your favorite shows.
  • Multiple TV Connections: Connect multiple TVs to a single Airtel set-top box, enabling seamless viewing across different rooms.
  • Mobile Streaming: Stream live TV and recorded content on mobile devices through the Airtel Xstream app, entertaining on the go.

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In conclusion, Airtel Digital TV continues to thrive with its innovative features and customer-centric approach. Its booming success is attributed to the diverse range of offerings tailored to meet subscribers’ entertainment needs. Users benefit from a seamless viewing experience, featuring high-definition channels, digital recording, parental controls, and multi-language support. With the convenience of remote recording and mobile streaming, Airtel DTH ensures unparalleled flexibility and convenience, making it the preferred choice for discerning viewers seeking quality entertainment.

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