How To Add Channel In Airtel DTH {Via Website, App, SMS}

Add Channel In Airtel DTH
How To Add Channel In Airtel DTH {Via Website, App, SMS}

Airtel DTH service providers is a well-known company in terms of providing a spectacular way to customize the packs to its subscribers by letting them to add or delete the channels of their choices.

Airtel digital TV recently announced a feature, using which the users can easily access the channels by adding or deleting channels of their wish from there respective plans via Airtel website portal, Airtel thanks self-care app or by just simply sending an SMS from any mobile number other than the registered mobile number which can be handy during the circumstances when they don’t have any access to their registered mobile number.

Yes! It’s true. You can now customize your pack by making changes to the channels via the company’s app, website or by SMS from any number. Speaking of the SMS feature, is a unique feature that helps the users to access easily to build a custom pack and is provided by only a few DTH providers that make Airtel stand out from the crowd.

Guide Of Customizing The Channels On How To Add A Channel In Airtel DTH TV

Add Channels Via Airtel Website

  • Visit the Airtel website login page and log in to the Airtel portal using your registered mobile number.
  • Once logged in, enter the OTP that you have received on your registered email account and the registered phone number.
  • Now, You will find the DTH option on the left side of the page. Click on to select the DTH option.
  • Subscribers will found a red banner written ‘Attention required’ on it and also the option of ‘Choose Now’  highlighted which needs to be clicked.
  • Now, Airtel offers two recommended packs for users to choose along with the list mentioning the benefits of opting the plans or you can also choose to click on the button ‘Create your own pack’ that you will find at the bottom of the screen.
  • The option will take you to another two options i.e. Bouquets packs or select individual channels.
  • If you go for the option of broadcaster bouquets then you can only see the channels that are offered by broadcasters. In order to complete your package, you need to add multiple broadcaster bouquets.
  • Select all the channels you want and click on the option  ‘Review & Buy’
  • By selecting the option, you will find the comparison between your newly selected plan and the previous/ current plan if any.
  • Hit the ‘Confirm’ button after reviewing the necessary changes to save.

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Add Channels Via Airtel App

  • Download ‘Airtel Thanks App‘ in your smartphones from  Google play store.
  • Just open the app and simply head to the ‘My Account’ section.
  • In case, users do not have a registered DTH account with the app, then they need to register it.
  • Click the ‘DTH Connection’ option that lies under the ‘My Account’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Choose Plan’ option and tap on ‘Create your own app’ option after scrolling down the screen.
  • Now, Select ‘Add Channel’ and there you find three options i.e A-la-carte and Broadcaster bouquets and VAS.
  • As mentioned earlier, Broadcaster bouquets provide only with the channels offered by broadcasters like Sony, Zee, or star, and so on.
  • Whereas, In the A-la-carte option, you can select the particular channels of your wish and Airtel also by default provide with about 25 free Doordarshan channels.
  • In A-la-carte, All the channels will be listed categorically. You need to select the individual channel of your choice after selecting the type of channel to add in your pack.
  • After done with the selection, simply tap on the “add” option or the tick icon.
  • Then, Hit on the ‘Go to Summary’ option.
  • On the next page, you will found the summary preview which on scrolling down the screen displaying the total amount you need to pay for your respective plan and also a comparison of the same with your previous/existing amount if any.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm and Change’ button to make changes if any.
  • Once you confirmed with your plan, the channels of your choice will be subscribed or updated in Airtel DTH. It will take 3 to 4 hours to apply on TV.

Note: “Your Airtel Digital TV account must have a minimum balance of  Rs 100 or else you won’t be able to add the channels.”

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Add A New Channel With An SMS

In case, you are out of network connectivity and is unable to either download the app or access the website, you need not to worry. The subscriber can add channels of their choices by using the SMS method as well even if the user don’t have the registered mobile number. It is a significant way to activate the channel without using the complexities of the Airtel portal or the mobile app.

To add the particular channel in your Airtel Digital TV, just follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • If you want to add the channel then you simply need to send an SMS including the channel number to 54325. You need to send SMS for adding the channel, ADD<Channel number>54325.
  • For example, If the particular channel number that you wish to add is 107, then the SMS format would be ADD<107>54325.
  • In case, you are sending the SMS with another number i.e you don’t have your RMS, then along with the channel number, you also need to add your customer ID in the SMS.
  • For example, ADD<Channel number><Customer ID>54325.
  • Immediately, you will receive a message containing an OTP on the same number from where you post the SMS.
  • Just simply send back an SMS containing the OTP in the format – Top OTP to 54325 with the same number and it’s done. The preferred channels will get added instantly to your account and you will be notified about it shortly.

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