Airtel Internet Data(3G,4G) Balance Check |USSD Codes

Airtel Balance Check And Net Balance Check

Being one of the most popular Indian telecom networks, Airtel is used by several youngsters as they have pitched themself as the brand for youngsters. Airtel ussd codes help to check the information of one’s data usage, Talktime loan, talktime validity and the call balance too.

Airtel internet balance check codes are short ussd codes that give access to quick ussd based information. By using these ussd codes one can also check the Airtel sim GPRS data balance.

Airtel Internet Data(3G,4G) Balance Check |USSD Codes

Airtel Internet Data Balance Check Code

The data balance of one’s Airtel 4G internet can be tracked with the help of ussd codes and a few other ways too. The ussd service can only help us to know the Airtel prepaid number that has the remaining 4G Internet data usage detail. These short ussd codes can also help to check Airtel 3G Internet balance, Airtel 1GB daily data balance usage along with Airtel 4G Internet balance.

Fundamental And Simple Ways To Check The Airtel Data Balance Are The Following Ways:

  • For Android users, download the My Airtel app to check the details of data usage, plan and offer details.
  • The Airtel self care service helps to check Airtel3G/4G data usage.
  • Some other popular ways to check Airtel balance with data balance check code

Airtel Balance Check And Net Balance Check Code With My Airtel App

Any kind of service related to checking the balance of one’s Airtel facilities can be done with the help of Airtel app. Below are the listed features that can be found on MyAirtel app.

  • Download My Airtel App (if you don’t have)
  • Signup account and verify the mobile number
  • If you don’t remember airtel mobile number, you can find with the help of ussd codes.
  • After signup you can check on Airtel dashboard data balance, account balance, value added service and other important information.

In Short: “So download the MyAirtel app, sign up and then login using the Airtel mobile number. Instantly, you will get to see the Airtel main balance and data balance with the validity data on the app’s dashboard”.

Balance Check And Net Balance Check Code With My Airtel App
Balance Check And Net Balance Check Code With My Airtel App
My Airtel App Dashboard
My Airtel App Dashboard

Airtel Main Balance Check And Data Balance Check Code With Self Care Service

  • Go to Airtel Selfcare help
  • Enter the mobile number and login account with One Time Password (OTP)
  • This will help to see the Airtel main balance and data balance on the self care service dashboard.

In Short: “Go to airtel selfcare login with mobile number and check your main balance, data balance on dashboard”

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Airtel Balance- 2G,3G,4G Internet Balance Check USSD Code

The following ussd check codes can help to check the net balance of an Airtel user. Below is a list of the service code, the main calling balance code and the Airtel 4G daily usage check code:

  • Dial *123# to check the Airtel main calling balance and validity
  • Dial *121#, enter the number 5 to get a check on the Airtel 3G or 4G net balance with the help of Airtel codes.

In Short: “Dial *123# for  main balance and Dial *121# for 3G or 4G data balance”

Airtel GPRS Internet Data Balance Check Used Codes

The following codes will help a Airtel user to know the balance details about the GPRS internet data balance:

  • To know theAirtel 2G Internet balance: Dial *121*51# then enter 4 option and proceed to 1
  • To know the Airtel 3G Internet balance: Dial *121*51# then enter 4 option and proceed to 1
  • To know the Airtel 4G Internet balance:  Dial *121*51# then enter 1option and proceed to 1

In Short: ” Dial *121*51# for 2G balance, Dial *121*51# for 3G balance, Dial *121*51# for 4G balance”

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Having an absence of sufficient data balance in the Airtel account during an emergency can also be solved. In such a situation one can take net data loan that is provided by telecom network companies just like talk time credit in case of an emergency. The various telecom network companies provide 30 MB, 50 MB, or 100 MB 2G/3G4G data balance as loan to surf the internet. But this loan is only for those customers who use network services from 90 days or more.

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