Apple Launched New Proprietary Software Lock

Apple Launched New Proprietary Software Lock

Last month’s internal Apple documents which were distributed to Apple service provider revealed this information.

Apple Launched New Proprietary Software Lock

According to the documents, Apple has introduced proprietary diagnostic tools which will prevent independent and third party repair on MacBook pros and iMac Pros. The third party will not be able to provide repair services related to the touch id board, logic board, keyboard, trackpad, display assembly etc. Any independent repair will result in an inoperative system.

The new system of 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro are coming with “T2” security chip which will enable the lock to kick in for any type of repair. If there is an issue with the system, it can get repaired only by an authorized Apple service provider.

MacBook Pro and iMac Pro
MacBook Pro and iMac Pro

There are apple service toolkit and Apple service toolkit 2 which has been provided to the employees to the authorized repairing center of Apple. The motherboard has revealed that Apple has a separate internal training presentation for authorized users for using these kits.

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Apple uses software, AST 2 system for its functioning. It functions only if it is connected with the cloud-based server, Global Service Exchange for servicing and repairs. This server requires the login from Apple to access the repairing services. This means it will not enable third-party repairing. There is a modified repair procedure which needs AST 2 system configuration software run on the computers.

“Since 2009, Apple has been using proprietary pentalobe screws in their system to prevent repairs but some third party users are having pentalobe drivers which allow the self-service.”

Apple is continuously working on its system and has launched proprietary software locks.  In recent years Apple is fighting against to prevent right to repair law. This measure is taken by Apple to ensure the security.

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