iOS 13 Makes Easy To Share Headphones Audio With A Friend

iOS 13 Makes Easy To Share Headphones Audio With A Friend

With the introduction of new IOS 13, Apple has now come up with a new cool feature which is known as Audio sharing. This feature allows you to share your headphones audio with a friend by using Bluetooth, this way you both can listen to the same music at the same point of time and can also watch the same movie together, apart from these there are many other things that this feature lets you enjoy.

iOS 13 Makes Easy To Share Headphones Audio With A Friend

Type Of Headphones That Support This Feature

After knowing about this cool feature, a person would think of using it for once, and he would probably think that the feature will work across all headphones that has Apple’s W1 or H1 chip inside. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as sharing audio is not meant for every apple earphones. The audio sharing is only possible in some versions that are:

  1. Air-pods
  2. Second generation Air-pods
  3. Powerbeats pro

There is good news for the people, and no need to get disappointed by the fact that you might not be able to experience audio sharing. This feature is still in beta and people can still expect some changes on the support of this feature, as there are slight chances that it can also include the support in other headphones as well in the near future. Currently, it is believed to support earphones that have W1 chip embedded in them, and they are Bears Solo3, Beats Studio3, BeatsX and Powerbeats3.

Audio Sharing iOS 13
Audio Sharing iOS 13 

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Devices That Support Audio Sharing

Since audio sharing is meant for iOS 13, this version is found in the newer introduced models by Apple. During the early days of launch it worked, it worked with the older beta version of iOS 13, but it is known that Apple has discontinued support for the older versions and is not looking after the versions that are older than iPhone 8.

The list of devices that would work fine, and will support the new feature is as follows

  1. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus
  2. iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR
  3. iPad pro-second generation or newer
  4. 11-inches iPad pro
  5. The third-generation iPad Air
  6. Fifth-generation iPad mini
  7. 7th generation iPod touch

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How Audio Sharing Works

According to Apple, there are two ways by which you can make use of audio sharing. But recently only one method has been made live in beta 4, and we hope that Apple announces the second one soon.

  • To get started with audio sharing, all you need to do is to bring two iOS 13 devices next to each other.
  • Both the devices will be initiated by a popup asking whether they would like to share the audio that is being played in their headphones.
  • This feature has an added advantage that each pair of headphones is being connected separately and each user has full control over the volume of their devices.
  • One will not have to do the re-pairing and pairing of the devices again and again. iOS 13 betas, however, don’t support this feature yet but it is believed to be supported by the time it releases later this year.

The second method works in the iOS 13 betas but is a bit more complicated than the first one. You will have to make sure that the pairing option of the headphone is on when it is being tried to connect to someone else’s pair of headphones. Open the settings option, select Bluetooth and then all that needs to be done is to connect both pairs. Select music or a video of your choice and then opt for using both the pair of headphones to enjoy single choice in both devices.

The new feature is simply amazing and has taken the audio sharing methods to a whole new level. So, if you are someone who is planning to buy the new iOS 13 version of the iPhone, be ready to experience a whole new concept of audio sharing. iPhone has in store something new and exciting for its customers every year.

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