6 Best Functional Outdoor Storage Boxes in 2024

Best Functional Outdoor Storage Boxes

Toy companies keep making new toys every day, and so as for gardening, pool, and other outdoor tools. Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves but press the ‘add to cart’ button. Soon all those toys and tools keep stacking up outside your front lawn and backyard. Keep them away from sight with these storing boxes. Here are 6 of the best storage solutions that you can check out:

6 Best Functional Outdoor Storage Boxes in 2024

1) Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box

When we think of outdoor storage, we imagine boxes or even sheds, and they don’t help in beautifying your patio. Get yourself an outdoor storage box instead. The Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box is shaped in a barrel. It can store both children’s toys, gardening tools, and pool cleaning equipment. 

People are obsessed with the Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box as it functions as a piece of patio furniture. Dine outdoors with your friends and family and use the storage box as a table or chair. It’s durable and keeps your items from rotting and damaging with its detachable lid.

2) Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

Now that you have a storage box table, you can complete your patio furniture set with Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench! It has the same dark brown color tone as the Gallon Round Deck Box so you will never have to worry about mixing and matching colors of your furniture.

The Gallon Storage Bench functions both as a bench perfect for morning and afternoon tea and as a storage trunk. You can store more extended tools and toys to declutter your outdoor view. But you can only keep long items here horizontally. This storage box is best for families with children since it is within their reach.

3) Amazon Basics Kids Toy Bin

Looking for storage boxes to spruce up your outdoor space? The AmazonBasics Kids Toy Bin will add a dash of color to your lawn and backyard. It’s not only made for outdoors, but it compliments any children’s room too.

It’s easier to teach kids how to fix their toys with color representations. Since the AmazonBasics Kids Toy Bins are made in different sizes and child-friendly color palettes, they may think that cleaning can be a fun activity too.

The toy bins function as an organizer and can be stacked on varying heights. You can place it near your children’s bedroom wall or near your front door. It also works as a fine shoe cabinet. However, you can only keep items that can withstand harsh weather conditions in these bins. Nonetheless, they are very mobile.

4) Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Adjustable

Our second Amazon outdoor storage is their 3-Shelf Adjustable. This heavy-duty steel shelf can store heavy outdoor tools and items and works great as a shoe rack like the Kids Toy Bins. You can adjust the height of the frame accordingly so children can’t reach those outdoor tools.

Furthermore, since the 3-Shelf Adjustable is an open storage item, it is easier for you and your kids to spot what you’re searching for. You can add categories on each shelf to further enjoy organizing your stuff.

5) Spectrum Diversified Pegboard

If you love the AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Adjustable, then you might want to grab the Spectrum Diversified Pegboard on your next purchase. It’s a heavy-duty basket that can be mounted on walls, perfect for outdoor plants and your children’s toys. They are visually pleasing to the eyes, mostly if filled with colorful flowers.

If you want your items to be away from children’s reach, you can mount them slightly higher. You can also make storing items an exciting activity by playing hoops with them when they’re fixing their toys.

6) Alimto Large Play Mat and Toy Storage Organizer Baskets

Who says outdoor storage doesn’t come with any additional features? Not with the Alimto Large Play Mat and Toy Storage Organizer Baskets. Kids love to play outside, but we’re always scared that they might lose their toys and harm themselves.

The Alimto Storage Organizer Baskets comes with a play mat. You can teach your children just to play inside the mat and keep their toys there as well. You don’t need to go through the trouble in searching for that lego piece since all toys are within your kid’s reach.

Also, you don’t have to worry about your children stumbling upon dirt and rocks since they are playing on the mat. The best part about this outdoor storage item is that you can quickly store their toys without picking them one by one.


Storing your outdoor tools and toys shouldn’t ruin your schedule, view, and especially not breaking your bank. Now that we have listed these fantastic and functional outdoor storage boxes, you can go ahead and enjoy quality time outdoors.

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