5 Unique Cat Breeds And Their Profiles

5 Unique Cat Breeds And Their Profiles

People’s tastes and preferences are continuously evolving. The change is visible even in the choice of pets, especially in the types of cats people keep.

5 Unique Cat Breeds And Their Profiles

Initially, people preferred to keep domestic cat types in their households. However, this has changed as they are now also embracing hybrid and purebred feline variants.

The change may have been fueled by the constant use of unique cats in movies and popular culture. That said, here is a simple cat breed guide to help you choose an awesome pet from these unique breeds.

  • Persian

Persians are a purebred cat variant. Their long fluffy fur and flat face appearance are what makes them unique. The cats come in a variety of single and mixed color.

Some of the standard colors are black, white, silver and golden. When properly cared for, these felines can grow up to a length of 18 inches and weigh up to 12 pounds. They require regular brushing and grooming due to their long, thick fur.

It will also help if a vet constantly monitors their health. This is because these felines are predisposed to poly cystic kidney disease. When under the best care, the animals can live for up to 17 years of age.

  • Abyssinian

This breed is originally from Ethiopia. Its unique distinguishing factor is the fact that individual hairs are banded to the skin in different colors.

This gives the animal fur a “ticked” appearance. Its ears are also pointy, with the head taking the shape of a wedge. The type is one of the most famous feline types. It is also considered one of the oldest existing animals.

Having an Abyssinian is considered fun. The animals are very active and have a playful attribute. Unlike Persian kitties, the Abyssinian are not genetically predisposed to diseases. As such, they are more manageable, as well as less costly to maintain.

The animals can grow up to 10 inches in height and weigh up to 12 pounds. Unless you overfeed them, these cats maintain a slender, muscular physical appearance. Abyssinian cats have a life expectancy of between 9 and 15 years.

  • The American Bobtail

This feline looks seemingly regular. However, its unique feature lies in its tail. As its name suggests, the American bobtail has a naturally occurring bobbed tail.

It is a very social type with a high physical activity level and a lot of playfulness. It is also very friendly to both humans and other pets. The animal, being naturally of medium length hair, has fewer grooming requirements.

Its coat comes in many different colors and combinations. The most common, however, is black, white and brown.

  • Cymric

The Cymric is sometimes regarded as a variety of the Manx breed. The cat has long, fluffy hair. What makes it unique is that these animals have short front legs and longer hind legs, unlike most other feline types.

Due to its long-haired nature, the cat requires regular grooming. Failure to this may lead to tangling and continuous loss of fur. Other than that, the cat is a healthy type with a muscular, compact physique.

The animals can weigh up to 13 pounds if you feed them adequately. See this link to read about other unique breeds https://www.petcompanionmag.com/10-unique-cat-breeds/

  • Hairless cat breeds

Cats are commonly referred to as “our furry friends”. But did you know that there are several hairless cat types? Sounds cool, right? These are arguably some of the most unique feline breeds. People were initially skeptical about keeping hairless cats as pets; however, they have become common nowadays.

Some of the most common types of cats without a fur coat include Sphinx, elf, Peterbald, Donskoy, Levkoy, and Bambino. A genetic mutation causes the lack of a coat. However, these animals are not entirely bald; they have tiny fine hair that gives them a velvety feel. Most of the times, they have big ears.

Hairless breeds may possess an overall intimidating and, to some, scary appearance. However, they have a personality to balance. These animals are friendly and highly active. They are great for someone who should be around fur for health reasons.

However, due to their lack of hair, you should take extra care to preserve their skin.  Avoid too much exposure to the sun. You can easily do this by keeping them indoors. Indoor time is also great since it keeps them warm as their lack of fur causes them to lose heat fast. Regular washes are also essential to prevent the buildup of dirt and oils to the skin.

Precautions when selecting breeds

In the quest for uniqueness, you may end up with a problematic feline for you to handle. As such, it is essential to exercise caution when you are choosing a breed. Some breeds, such as the bobcats, can be unpredictable or aggressive and may cause injury to humans. As such, it would help if you handled them with care.

It would also be good to exercise precaution when handling those with very fluffy hair. The more the hair, the easier it is to fall off. Loose fur may trigger allergic reactions in some people. If you are looking to own a fluffy feline type, ensure you put in place adequate grooming procedures.

For example, have a good brush for the fur. It would also help if you properly feed it and take it for routine vet visits. In doing so, you keep it healthy and reduce the rate and amount of fur loss.

In addition, as much as unique pets are great, having a regular, familiar type can be good. Highly exotic types may be tough to find. In addition, they may require more maintenance procedures. Click here to read more from this comprehensive guide.

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