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Best Tv Brand In India

Gone are the days when people used to watch their favourite series or movies on their age-old CRT TV. CRT TVs are now replaced by LCD and LED TVs which are the advanced version of television. Today, you will come across with multiple brands in LED TVs designing different TVs with multiple functions and features. There are Smart TV, Android TV, Google TV and Apple TV and more. So, when it comes to purchase a TV for your house you may get confused. Here’s the list of best TV brands in India which are highly appreciated and mostly preferred.

Best Tv Brand In India

Tv Brands

1) Samsung

Samsung Electronics is the household brand in India and they have been dominating almost all the fields of electronic. From Smartphone to AC, tablets to refrigerator, washing and television, Samsung is the brand with highest number of consumers across the world. Samsung is the trusted brand of TV as well in India, offering some of the advanced TV to the Indian market. Samsung is the brand that has the highest market share in TV market in India and the brand specializes both in Smart TV and Android TV.

Samsung Tv
Samsung Tv

2) Sony

Sony is the Japanese electronics company that houses several businesses like consumer electronics, music entertainment and video games. Today, it holds the 5th position in TV manufacturing across the world and the corporation also comprises the Sony Mobile wing. Sony Pictures and Sony Music are other ventures of this corporation. The television sets of Sony are globally acclaimed for its quality and features integrated in the models. You will find Smart TV as well as Android TV models from this brand.

Sony Tv
Sony Tv

3) LG

LG Electronics is the South Korean electronics company that was launched in India with its refrigeration range and washing machine. It was the second largest producer of LCD TVs in the world and it started selling their range of LEDs and LCDs also. They are known for designing advanced TV which can repel mosquitoes as well. You can check the widest range of LED TVs from this brand and rates are also very minimal as compared to the other brands of TV.


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4) Panasonic

Panasonic is another popular Japanese brand of electronic goods and one of the leading and top TV brands in India and across the world. They are 5th largest producer of TV in the world and they also ventured into Mobile market of India with their largest range of Android Smartphone series and also specialize in home appliances and ovens.

Panasonic overtook Sanyo brand and launched their TV in India and they started manufacturing Smart TVs on Amazon and LED TVs on different online retail sites. Today, this brand has the best collection of TV sets that are being sold online and offline across India.

Panasonic Tv
Panasonic Tv

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5) Philips

The Dutch multinational conglomerate company, Philips is the popular electronic brand in India and it is one of the largest electronic brands in the world. It started its operations back in 1930 and they have been manufacturing light bulbs, radios, speakers, headphones and more. They have also ventured into the TV market of India by launching a variety of LED sets of TV and also Android and Smart TV range for the Indian consumers. The Philips LED TVs are known for their advanced features, sound quality and picture quality and you are required to shell out only small amount of money to get a hold in the TV sets by Philips in India.

Philips Tv
Philips Tv

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6) Haier

Haier is the Chinese electronics company that are into the business of designing and manufacturing home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.

Haier has also ventured into the market of LED TV by launching a variety of LED TVs which claims to enhance the viewing experience of the consumers. The LED TV from this brand comes with several amazing features including Volume Leveller USB convenient connection, HDMI port, Full HD program and more. Above all, the price of the Haier TV is also very minimal as compared to all other TV brands in India.

Haier Tv
Haier Tv

So, these were some of the top rated and leading TV brands in India which are having a larger customer based and highest number of satisfied consumers across India.

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