Social Trend Update: BMS Mean In Slang Text And Social Media

Social Trend Update: BMS Mean In Slang Text And Social Media

The increased usage of acronyms has made it difficult for people to understand their actual meaning. People can’t know every possible acronym as one or the other acronym is getting invented every day. Acronyms’ meanings differ on different platforms. If you are using it as A in one app, it might be used as B on the other app. Not only just acronyms, but emojis also vary in meaning depending on the platform it’s being used. In this article, you will be learning about a very interesting acronym i.e. BMS mean in slang text and social media which is quite popular these days amongst the younger generation.

Social Trend Update: BMS Mean In Slang Text And Social Media

Meaning Of BMS In Slang Text And Social Media

BMS acronym stands for ‘Broke My Scale’. If we interpret the meaning of this acronym, you must be thinking of breaking a ruler but it is not the correct answer. The word Scale in this acronym indicates the scaling of the relation between you and some other to whom you are saying this. It is commonly used slang and there is no restriction of using it on a particular social app.

If you want to rate your relationship with any specific person, you can use this slang to make it sound even cooler. Now you don’t need to use the numbers from 1 to 10 for ratings, just use this term to express that the asked question is not that simple to rate it out in the form of numbers. Using BMS is like you are giving a rating that is higher in comparison to the normal ratings.

How Can You Use BMS?

You have to use the slang BMS in certain circumstances only. If you are using it, you are spreading positivity by indicating the beauty of the person. You can replace the traditional terms such as ‘pretty, gorgeous, beautiful’ with BMS.

BMS is a kind of an answer whenever someone asks us to rate them in terms of relation or beauty. Once in a while, somebody must have asked you a very common question i.e. ‘Rate me on a scale of 1-10’.

Though they have specifically provided the rating scale, why be in the box just like others when you can shine exceptionally by giving an extraordinary answer by using the slang BMS. If you say so, you mean to say that the person looks so good that their looks just broke your scale of assessing their beauty. Though it might sound corny, it’s still better than a sea filled with common words of pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc.

You can use BMS as a reply as well on any of the used social media. As it is an acronym so you are limited to using it on virtual platforms only. But if you want to go out of the blue, you can try it out by saying physically to someone as there’s nothing wrong with it.

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How Did BMS Originate?

We cannot tell you the exact source of origination of this acronym but many users believe that the actual origination of this slang came from Snapchat. The app gained its popularity because of the feature of disappearing photos and that’s why most of the users still believe that Snapchat was the source of the origination of BMS.

Users can upload their photos in stories or send them via snaps among their friends and can ask them to rate them. Instead of preferring the old style of rating, people might have used BMS as a response to rating them. Though, we don’t have a specific way to clarify the rumored statement.

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Now that you have gathered every piece of information regarding the slang BMS, you can easily use it wherever it fits on any platform you wish too, but according to the situation. BMS means slang text and social media do vary, but it is still trending in today’s generation. Instead of giving common ratings to your friends, you can rate them using BMS and see how they react to it.

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