Among Us Control Scheme for PC and Mobile: Gaming Tips

Gaming Tips: Among Us Keyboard Controls

‘Among us’ is one of the most dominating games in the world of mobile games. It’s also ranked 4th in the list of most played games. This game is available on numerous platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. iOS and Android users find it easy to use the touch controls but if you want to play this game on your PC, it’s a must for you to be aware of the Among Us Keyboard Controls so that it’s easier for you to direct and execute numerous actions while playing ‘Among Us’. In the upcoming section of this article, we have mentioned a proper list which includes the controls and actions that you can try while playing this game on your computer.

Among Us Control Scheme for PC and Mobile: Gaming Tips

Among Us Control Scheme for PC and Mobile

The control scheme of Among Us on any mobile is the same just like other recent mobile games. The user interface of this game on a mobile accentuates an enormous, virtual analog stick present at the bottom left from the control movement along with numerous virtual buttons located on the right side. It comprises a gear button, context-sensitive use button, a map, a report button, and a kill & sabotage button to kill an imposter.

Whereas if you play this game on your computer, you can see every virtual button on the screen right side except the virtual analog stick because it got removed. Players who play this game on their computers have to use the option of ‘mouse only control scheme’ or ‘keybinds’ to simplify their gaming pattern. Along with this, Players need to use a mouse only for completing the given task.

Most Common Keybinds

  • E/Space – Use
  • WASD – movement
  • Tab – map
  • R – report
  • Q – kill (only for imposters)
  • Escape – options

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Keybinds And Actions For Among Us

  • Character Movement: To move your character while playing any game is the basic requirement. If you want to move your character across hallways and rooms, you need to use the ‘WASD’ Keys present on your keyboard. If you are not aware of this keybind, you can also use an Arrow key present on your keyboard to move your character.
  • Player Interaction: If you want your character to interact with any object or conduct any activity with a particular object, use the key ‘E’ present on the keyboard along with the ‘Left mouse click’ if your mouse is connected with the computer while playing the game. You can also use ‘Space bar’ as a key to perform the same thing that we have discussed here.
  • Evade a Task: After accomplishing the interaction session with the object, press the ‘Esc’ key present on the keyboard to evacuate the focus out of the task. After escaping from the task, you can interact with the next one or shift to any other point on the given map.
  • Viewing Toggle Map: While being in any meeting, you have access to view the map available on the screen after you press the ‘Tab’ key. Also, Press the ‘Tab’ key once again for disabling the map.
  • Shift between the Window and Full-Screen Mode: Press ‘Alt + Enter’ keys simultaneously if you want to Shift between the window and Full-screen mode.
  • Body Reporting: For reporting any dead body while playing the game, press the ‘R’ key present on the keyboard.
  • Imposter Killing: You have to press the ‘Q’ key present on the keyboard to kill an imposter while playing the game.
  • Sabotage (Applied only for imposters): You can make a temporary problem in a particular room if you press the ‘E’ or ‘Space’ key. Sabotage will not allow the other players to press the emergency button and only one sabotage can be implemented at a particular time.
  • Toggle Mute( Discord): While playing Among Us, you spent your time interacting with your fellow teammates as well. To talk to them, you have to toggle unmute and mute frequently to convey whatever you need them to perform. Discord also permits you to make a custom keybind so that you can toggle mute by following the mentioned steps:
  • Step 1 : Open the Discord and go to the ‘User Settings’.
  • Step 2 : Click on ‘Keybinds’ and then choose ‘Add a keybind’.
  • Step 3 : Make your keybind for ‘Toggle mute’ using the combinations such as ‘Alt + Caps’ or ‘Alt + Tab’.

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Playing ‘Among Us’ on your PC is a difficult task but not an impossible one. You just need to know about the Among Us keyboard Control and boom you can become a professional PC player of this game. Keyboard Control sounds a bit complicated but it’s so easy to imply. Try them out and see the difference in the level of difficulty while playing ‘Among Us’. Do share about these keybinds among your friends and play with them too.

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