Facts And Rumors About Red Character In Among Us

Red Character In Among Us

Among Us is an online gaming platform where 4-15 players can play as space crew members. The major twist in this game is that one member of the crew is a fraudster that tries to kill his crew members. The main objective of this game is to find out who the fraudster is before killing others.
The red character is suspected the most as a fraudster in this game. There are numerous reasons to point it out.

Facts And Rumors About Red Character In Among Us

The major reason is that the ‘How to Play Section’ of this game itself uses the Red character to be the fraudster. This red character emerges at the beginning of each round and makes the sign of shushing before revealing the roles. If you are willing to deprave expectations and want the red character to play for you, here you can get to know the method to choose the red character for yourself in the game ‘Among Us’.

Method to Choose for the Red Character in Among Us

  • Step 1: Go to the menu of Character customization to alter the color of the character
  • Step 2: You will get this menu only when you are present in the lobby to start the game
  • Step 3: When you are in the lobby, you have to go to the laptop present in the upper left corner
  • Step 4: Click on the laptop and the screen of character customization will be displayed on the screen
  • Step 5: Now you can easily change the color of your character and what you want to make it wear

If there is a red character already present in the lobby, then you can’t make your character color red. This method that will help you to play as the Red character in the game ‘Among Us’ with ease.

Reason for Red Being a ‘Sus’ in the Game

Game marketing can be one of the reasons for this. Usually, people signify danger with red color. The appearance of flashy red signs in sabotage or during the reporting of dead bodies, always fortifies the fact of red being a sign of danger.

The second reason can be the psychological factor. The method to portray red color makes everyone suspicious of the player with the red character. When you observe the poster of ‘Among us’ deeply, you can observe the position of the Red character at the center taking away all the vigilance. Smart fraudsters use this factor as an advantage for themselves by using the red character as the bait for hiding their true intentions in the game.

Another reason for making the Red character ‘Sus’ is the color used in every one of the other games. For instance, in GTA, while being chased by the cops you minimap the flash of red color. In the game ‘Destiny 2’, the depletion in health is depicted by a red flash in the health. The red colour is always used as an indication of danger and this is the reason Red is a ‘Sus’ in the game.

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Description About the Red Character in Among Us

Crewmates are the main characters that are playable in the game ‘Among Us’. These cute little players try to sustain their spaceship and try to survive. But some crewmates are imposters i.e. the fraudsters try to kill their crewmates to wipe them out from the game.

The Red character is one of the crewmates just like other players but this character is featured several times in the official artwork of the game. This is the reason why people consider this character as the main character of the game. But the image of this character developed by the games community has also made this character the ‘True Imposter’ of the game.

The creators of this game have noticed this ongoing trend and now they have started to play along with this trend. In much promotional artwork, the red character is featured as the imposter that sneaks around and waits to kill the next member.

Despite developing the image of the red character as the ‘True imposter’ it is still featured in several promotional images and artworks of this game. We can say that it is somewhere safe to consider the Red character to be the main character of ‘Among Us’.

You must have heard the phrase ‘Red sus’ in the game before. It’s a meme that has a belief of considering the red character to be the imposter. Though, it is not true every time. If you are playing as the Red character in the game, try to stay safe because of the wrong accusations implied on you without any reason.

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That’s all about the Red character of the game ‘Among Us’. Play this game with your friends, choose the red character, and experience being an imposter without any reason even if you aren’t. This is one of the most entertaining and popular games that can easily remove boredom from your life and bring joy and happiness. If you are willing to be the red character even after knowing this much about it, try the method that we have explained above and experience the thrill.

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