How To Get Subtitles In MX Player : Binge Watch Concern

How To Get Subtitles In MX Player

In the list of popular streaming players, MX player tops the list with 500+ million downloads from the Google play store. It’s the first video player that favors multi-core decoding. This multi-core tool can perform 70℅ faster when compared with the single-core tools after testing in the comparison test. It favors every kind of video format and has controls based on gestures which users tend to love a lot.

How To Get Subtitles In MX Player : Binge Watch Concern

Though each of you must be aware of its basic features, only a few know that the MX player can download the subtitles directly for your movies. If you are willing to learn the method to download the subtitles, you have visited the right website. But before learning to download the subtitles you must know why it is necessary to download them while watching any movie of another language that you aren’t familiar with.

Importance Of Subtitles

If you want to take your movie experience to the next level, subtitles can help you out in this very easily. Here, we’ll be mentioning the reasons why you should use them while watching your favorite movies.

1. If you are watching any foreign movie, you can easily understand it with the help of subtitles. Many people do not watch movies if they aren’t familiar with the foreign language and miss out on a good movie.
2. There are at times when your favorite movie might have a small section in a foreign language. To understand that particular scene, subtitles are needed.
3. Maybe at times, the audio of your movie might not be clear. Without subtitles, it will become difficult for you to understand the scene.

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Steps To Add Subtitles In MX player

  • Step 1: MX player download procedure
    The interface of the MX player is simple and adaptable i.e. it can play numerous videos of different formats. In addition to this, it also supports subtitles.
    If your phone doesn’t have this app, you can simply download it from the Google play store.
  • Step 2: Transferring of the subtitles file
    1. If your PC has the file of subtitles, use a micro USB to connect your phone with your PC.
    2. Select ‘Open folders’ to check files.
    3. Now you can transfer the subtitles file to your android device.
  • Step 3: Open the film on your phone after launching the MX player.
  • Step 4: Subtitles selection
    Click on the menu button and choose subtitles.
  • Step 5: Subtitles addition
    1. Click on open and direct towards the subtitle file in the directory.
    2. You have successfully augmented the subtitles for your film.

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That’s it! This was a simple and clear method for the addition or downloading of subtitles on your film while watching it on MX player. Now you can simply watch any movie without a language barrier because you have discovered the direct download of subtitles easily with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What should be the format for the files of subtitles?
  • Answer: Files that have the ‘.SRT’ extension should be downloaded for downloading the subtitles.
  • Question: From where one can search for the subtitles to download?
  • Answer: You can search from some famous websites such as ‘OpenSubtitle’ and ‘YIFY Subtitles’. These websites provide choices of numerous languages according to your comfort zone.
  • Question: What’s the next thing to perform after downloading the subtitles?
  • Answer: After you have successfully downloaded the subtitles, transfer the file to the movie folder and then follow the steps mentioned above to add the subtitles to your movie.

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