Delete Your Sarahah Account In Simple Steps

Delete Your Sarahah Account

You have registered for a Sarahah account and now you are getting frustrated from the hateful messages you are receiving from people, or you just concerned about the safety that an anonymous app can lack. There can be numerous options on why you want your Sarahah account to get deleted and you don’t your account to be registered with it and you don’t delete your account. Don’t worry we’ve covered the steps that can be simply followed so that you can easily delete your Sarahah account and get freedom from the tension of owning an account in an anonymous app.

Delete Your Sarahah Account In Simple Steps

You need to first understand that just deleting the app from your phone will nor delete your registered account with Sarahah. Deleting the app and deleting the account are two different things and different steps are involved to complete a task. It is just the same as Tinder that just deleting the anonymous app will not delete your account. Even if you delete the app from your phone, your username will still appear when people search for your username and they can still message on your account.

To delete the entire data from Sarahah regarding your account you will have to sign in to the Sarahah account from either your desktop or laptop. After logging in you need to follow simple steps so that you can easily delete your account.

Steps To Delete Your Sarahah Account

  • You need to be logged in to your account with the help of your username and password so that you can delete your account forever.
Login In Sarahah Account
Login In Sarahah Account
  • Login to your account from your browser and work on it. After this step, you will be automatically directed to your profile that is receiving messages from anonymous people.
  • After you are in your Sarahah account, from the Menu option search for the “Settings” option available. The menu is available in the top right corner of the screen from where you can find the account settings option.
Click On Setting Option To Open Sarahah Profile
Click On Setting Option To Open Sarahah Profile
  • After clicking on settings, you will be directed to a page which contains details related to your account and you can easily edit the personal information set in your account such as resetting your password, editing the username, etc.
  • After scrolling to the last option available in the Setting Option, you can find an option that says “Delete your Account”.
Click On Delete Your Sarahah Account
Click On Delete Your Sarahah Account
  • After clicking on ” Delete your Account”, all it takes is a single click to Remove your username from the Sarahah list of usernames.
  • You might need to feed in your password once more, as this is a check process done by the app to see if the real user wants to delete the account or is it someone else trying to delete illegally.
  • You will be prompted with a dialogue box that says that deleting a username from the history is an irreversible move and you cannot gain your account back once deleted.
  • So, it is recommended that you do a soul-searching before you make a final decision. Well, you can register your name with Sarahah and create a new account at any point in time.

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History Of Sarahah

It is a very popular yet controversial app that was launched in Saudi Arabia in the year 2016. It was at first named in the Arabian Language but later its name was translated to Sarahah. It should be linked to “Honesty” and “Openness” since it was made with the concept of expressing feelings by one person towards another with a view to confess. The application was created to allow people to exchange their views about one another and encourage one another without revealing their identity.

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It gained much popularity after it was being introduced and currently has a good customer base of over 18 million iOS and Android users. However, it is being criticized as well for its negativity and cyberbullying. Parents are warned to keep a check that their children are kept away from this app and they don’t have a negative mental impact. This is the main reason why people are preferring to remove their registered accounts from this app. A large number of Sarahah accounts were deleted after the users were warned of the consequences.

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