Deleted Text Messages Recovery [BEST Tips and Solutions]

Deleted Text Messages Recovery [BEST Tips and Solutions]

Does IPhone support deleted text messages recovery? Yes, iPhone supports deleted text messages recovery as it stores text message data (along with MMS and iMessage) in a database called SQLite. When we delete a particular message, it just changes form “Assigned” to “Unassigned”, but leaves the actual data of the message there. If you receive or send new text messages to someone, the space for the “unassigned” entries is used first and is overwritten with new information. Although, before overwriting the deleted text messages with new data, we still have the option to get it back. So, it would be better to stop using the Messages app and put the device in airplane mode before taking any action to recover the deleted texts. This blog will talk about BEST Tips and Solutions for Deleted Text Messages Recovery in iPhone.

Deleted Text Messages Recovery [BEST Tips and Solutions]

ITunes for Deleted Text Messages Recovery

If you backed up your phone to your computer when you still had the text you wanted, you can use iTunes to recover deleted text messages. Note that Apple iTunes will soon be removing Mac computers in favour of individual music, TV, and podcasting apps, so Mac users may no longer be able to access the steps below.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer with a physical cable.
Step 2: Open iTunes if it doesn’t appear automatically.
Step 3: Click the phone icon at the top of the screen.
Step 4: Select Summary from the menu on the left.
Step 5: If the Restore backup button is grayed out, change your iCloud backup selections to this computer. You can change it again after finding the text you want.
Step 6: Click Restore Backup and your old texts will be displayed on the screen again.
iTunes Backup Screen will be Laura McCamy / Business Insider
Click Restore Backup to use the backup stored on your computer.

Note: If you have never backed up your iPhone to your computer or without the text, this method will not work.

Absolute Deleted Text Messages Recovery Without Backup

It is much safer to recover deleted text messages with third-party software that can access the iOS SQLite database if you have just deleted SMS on iPhone without backup. Search it on Google, you will find a lot of free iPhone data recovery software claiming that it can recover lost data from the iPhone.

Among them, iPhone Data Recovery is highly recommended to save your deleted texts on iPhone regardless of whether you have a backup or not. iPhone SMS recovery tools is a useful and completely free recovery software for almost all iPhone models running on iOS 12 / 12.4 or iOS 14.

With this, direct recovery of the deleted text messages from your iPhone is easier without having a backup or extract texts from iTunes / iCloud backup. It supports the recovery of not only text messages, but also the recovery of deleted contacts, call logs, WhatsApp, Viber, notes, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, and much more.
To download and install the software follow the steps below:

Step 1: First run the free iPhone message recovery software and on the first interface select “Messages” and “Message Attachments”. Then click Next.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC and start restoring data from iPhone or iTunes backup. (If you don’t have a backup, you can receive SMS directly from the device.)
Step 3

: Scan for iOS device / iTunes backup.
Step 4: Lastly, you can selectively preview and recover deleted SMS conversations.
Recovery by Contacting a Mobile Operator

Your mobile operator can  help with Deleted Text Messages Recovery process. If you deleted a really important SMS, you may be able to call your operator to get a copy.

Please note that this only works for SMS text messages (green conversations), not any other messages like iMessage (blue conversations). iMessages cannot be recorded by your carrier as it is encrypted on your device and not decrypted until it reaches the recipient.

To get a record of the SMS from your operator, you will probably have to go through several hurdles to prove your identity or even obtain the permission of the other party to whom you sent the SMS. And most wireless service providers only store text messages for a limited time; you may never be able to retrieve a message from a year ago.

But as the last option for Deleted Text Messages Recovery, getting a copy of your text messages from your provider is one way, and it’s worth calling the customer service number to request it.

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Tips to Recover Deleted Text Messages

We have to do something in case you lose the text messages as recovering the deleted text messages on iPhone can be a headache and time-consuming. And here are two tips to recommend.

Tip 1: Back-Up iPhone

Backing up your iPhone has to be the most efficient way of Deleted Text Messages Recovery when they are gone. Regardless of what you do with your iPhone to update, restore, jailbreak, or more, backup your iPhone. And the best option that we sincerely recommend for Deleted Text Messages Recovery process is to back up the iPhone regularly.

Tip 2: Keep Your Messages forever

Have you ever found it? Weird thing: Are your iPhone text messages suddenly deleted or gone even if you haven’t done anything? If you’re suffering from this, you’ve likely changed the Message History option in Settings, giving you three options for keeping messages: 30 days, 1 year, and forever. So if you have chosen the 30 days or 1-year option, the messages will be deleted automatically after the time has elapsed. If you change this, you will not even think about Deleted Text Messages Recovery process!

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Conclusion for Deleted Text Messages Recovery

While texting is important information, that doesn’t mean you should always keep it with you. After all, they sometimes take up more space than your iPhone can hold. Because of this, they need to be removed from time to time. There are many ways to recover files, but there are few when it comes to text message recovery. Now that you know Deleted Text Messages Recovery process, it shouldn’t be a problem for you if you ever lose your files again. Still, you should be more careful not to delete your files again.

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