Disney Hotstar & Its VIP+ Premium Features | Device Restrictions

Disney Hotstar & Its VIP+ Premium Features

Hotstar is asserted as one of the largest video platforms in India which is popular amongst a wide range of audiences and is extensively used for watching daily soaps, cricket matches, blockbuster movies, and web series both on a free and paid basis. Entertainment and Media Experts state that post the pandemic Bollywood has completely shifted towards the OTT platform for upgrading their business at a high scale and now more than 75% of the audience prefers to watch movies online rather than going out to the cinema theatres. The collaboration of Hotstar with Disney is also termed as an extra set of bonus for the users where they can watch all the Disney content online which is subsequently the best thing happening for young kids who are sitting at home amidst this pandemic.

Disney Hotstar & Its VIP+ Premium Features | Device Restrictions

With such an eruption in the use of Hotstar application and 300 million users from India now this video platform has come up with premium mode subscription in which all the latest movies and shows would be incorporated for the users and one can surf their favourite show while sipping a cup of coffee from their favourite comfort zone!

With so much buzz about the Hotstar+Disney premium plan, let’s now discuss the ways through which users can access Hotstar on their PC or smartphones during a particular period.

How many devices can use Disney+Hotstar at a single time?

When there was no such buzz about the OTT platforms then all the shows were watched on the free mode which is accessible by 5 users at one time. This means that 5 people can share the credentials of the Hotstar application and can watch the content online without any hassle on their devices. This criterion works only for five users and if the criteria exceed then the account is suspended by the Hotstar authorities and a new account is created by them for the users.

How many devices can use Disney+Hotstar VIP at a single time?

The criteria of 5 users watching the content online doesn’t work in the VIP model. As per the rules and regulations set by the organization, only one person can watch the shows streaming through VIP mode and it’s not possible to share two or more screens at the same time If something as such happens then a message Sorry more than one video is being requested from this account. Please close other videos and try again.” gets displayed on the screen. This method is implemented for protecting the VIP account and to make sure that it’s not misused by unknown sources.

Sorry more than one video is being requested
Sorry more than one video is being requested

It’s a limited edition where users need to pay a certain set amount yearly for watching all the Disney, Hollywood and  Bollywood shows online. If you’re looking to opt for the Disney+Hotstar Premium application then we have the details of the plan entitled below and you can check it out for more understanding and reference.

How many devices can use Disney+Hotstar Premium at a single time?

As compared to the VIP subscription it’s much more different because 2 users can share the same account at one time via the Disney+Hotstar Premium subscription. This method sounds more reliable because one can share the billing expenditure which reduces the expenses of purchasing the premium account and is divided on a fair and equal basis. The premium plan can be purchased both on a monthly and yearly basis.

CharacteristicsFreeVIP (399 Per/Year)Premium

(299 Per/Month )

(1499 Per/Year)

Unlimited Live SportsNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Hotstar Specials & Star serials before TVNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Multiplex & new Indian moviesNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Disney  movies, Hollywood movies & Kids contentNot AvailableDubbedDubbed + English
Ad-free entertainmentNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Screens you can watch on112
Video qualitySDHD4K
English shows & Disney+ OriginalsNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable
Audio qualityStereoDolby 5.1Dolby 5.1

Before concluding this article we would also provide information on how one can download this application from the Playstore or App store.

Steps for Downloading Hotstar

One can download this application either from Google Playstore or Apple Store on their respective devices whereas users can play this application directly on their PC or laptops.

  • Step 1: Open either Playstore or Apple Store on your mobile application.
  • Step 2: Search for ‘Hotstar’ in the search bar and wait for the results.
  • Step 3: A blue colour icon themed as ‘Disney Hotstar’ would appear on the screen.
  • Step 4: Click on the option ‘Install’ and wait for some time.
  • Step 5: The app would get downloaded and post this user needs to sign in for accessing their Hotstar account.

Final Words

With the implementation of lockdown again all across the nation, people are locked within their homes which calls for binge-watching their favorite shows online.

If you’re fond of watching blockbuster movies, Marvel shows, Star wars, and spectacular web series then opting for Hotstar Premium would be a good choice but as we said it’s the customer’s choice in the end and we’re here to help you out with the information.

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