Moto XT1721 Flash File Firmware |Technique To Flash

Moto XT1721 Flash File Firmware

Moto XT1721 turned out to be a great opportunity for potential buyers. Users liked its performance owing to its 4G, 3G services which lead to the introduction of several new Moto smartphone models.

Moto XT1721 Flash File Firmware |Technique To Flash

This article deals with the information to install or download Moto XT1721 Stock Firmware ROM  (flash file). Firmware is a combo of the flash file, flash tool, and a manual that provides guidelines about flashing. The official links are also provided to install the same. Flash file is the same as Operating system in PC which manages hardware and software services for the phone. Stock ROM is also known as flash file, firmware, etc.

So, if you’re dealing with issues with your phone and would like to upgrade it for a smooth run, then this article is surely going to provide you with the perfect solution.

What Does It Mean To Flash a File?

Flashing or downloading a zip file within the device is usually used to install a custom ROM (a customized version of ANDROID) onto the device. There are however different methods of flashing for different devices. Features of stock firmware include repairing boot loop issues, software issues, and unbricking the device. Removal of prevailing stock Firmware from Moto XT1721 device and then replacing it with the same version or any other version can be called Micromax flashing. Flashing simply means changing the operating system.

Moto XT1721 Flash FileDownload Now

Technique To Flash Moto XT1721 using Flash tool; SPD Upgrade

Moto XT1721 can be flashed with the flash tool SPD Upgrade. Following are the guidelines that one can follow while flashing the device through the SPD tool, but before that one needs to be aware of some basic and important preliminaries.


  • Firstly, you need to backup all of the important data stored in the device to prevent data loss.
  • Your Samsung Smartphone should have at least 60-70% battery to perform the flashing process. It is highly essential as if the phone runs out of battery in between the flashing process, it can brick your device.
  • Do not have any Moto file running in the background neither should it be installed on your computer.

Following Are The Steps To Flash Your Moto XT1721 device:

  • Step 1: Install the Moto XT1721 stock firmware. In firmware, you will get a flash file, flash tool, and USB Drivers.
  • Step 2: Then download and locate the SPD UpgradeDownload Flash tool on your PC.
  • Step 3: Open the extracted folder.
  • Step 4: Now open the UpgradeDownload.exe file in the same folder.
  • Step 5: Click on the Load Packet button and select the Moto XT1721 flash file.
  • Step 6: Then click on the Start Downloading button.
  • Step 7: Now the flashing procedure will commence.
  • Step 8: Connect USB to your PC.
  • Step 9: After the flashing process is completed successfully further ‘Passed’ message will be displayed on the Progress bar.
  • Step 10: After flashing is completed reboot the phone and the phone is ready to use.

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SPD Flash ToolDownload Now


Flashing via the flash tool is a cumbersome process as it requires several things to get done and likewise a lot of time. Also, when you’re adopting this technique to flash your Moto XT1721 device, Make sure you have created a backup of all the data stored in your phone to prevent data loss.

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