Electric Car Charging Station Cost In India For Different Franchises

Electric Car Charging Station Cost In India

In this article, you will learn about the cost of setting up an electric car charging station by different companies in India. It also includes dealership details of PlugNgo, TATA Power, and Charge+ zone that comprises the investment cost for the dealership.

Electric Car Charging Station Cost In India For Different Franchises

Is anyone interested in doing any sort of business? To earn great profits, running the business of electric car charging stations is the best business plan one can even think of! The demand for electric cars is at the peak level. The leading automobile industries are nowadays designing electric vehicles to increase their productivity.

If you are keen to know about the details related to the electric charging station franchise, its cost, standards for eligibility, requirements, and companies ensuring the stations or electric charging in Indian states, then you have visited the right website.

Electric Car Charging Stations in India

The current automobile companies that are working to make electric vehicles are Hyundai, TATA, Mahindra, Nissan, and Morrison Garage. In India, the charges for setting up the franchise of Electric charging stations are very low.

Numerous companies like Hero, TVS, Honda, Okinawa, Ampere, Komaki, Stella, Revolt motors, Pure EV, Ather, Joy e-bike, etc. are working too. The future of Electric vehicles is extremely bright because of the high demand in the market. This article will help you to broaden your aspects regarding the setup of the electric charging stations franchise in our country and will open a way for you to invest in a perfect business plan as well.

Concept Of Electric Car Charging Stations

Before discussing the concept of the dealership and franchise of electric car charging stations, firstly we will discuss what is an electric car charging station?

A station where charging ports are easily available for the consumers. The designs of the charging port are made in such a manner that it can easily charge any electric vehicle. It easily manages high voltage so it’s easy to charge the electric vehicle.

Every electric vehicle is completely based on the batteries inserted inside them. You don’t have the option of diesel or petrol. Whenever the battery of your vehicle is down, you can visit any electric station and charge your vehicle.

Reasons To Set Up an Electric Charging Stations in India

  • The usage of electric vehicles will be increasing in the upcoming years and therefore the demand for electric charging stations will also grow at a higher pace.
  • If your charging setup charges the vehicles rapidly then it’s worth the profit.
  • Setup your fast-charging stations near shopping malls, parking areas, busy markets, inside industries, and tourist spots.
  • The investment for setting up an electric charging station is low and it varies from one company to the other.

Companies Providing Electric Charging Stations In India

Currently, around 10 companies are assisting the franchise of electric charging stations in India. You can choose any one of them if you are willing to start a new business. The names of the companies are provided below:

  • Okaya Power Group (Delhi)
  • TATA Power (Mumbai)
  • Numocity (Bangalore)
  • Volttie (Noida)
  • Exicom Power (Gurgaon)
  • P2 Power solution (Noida)
  • Charge My Gaddi (Delhi)
  • Magenta Group (Navi Mumbai)
  • Charge + Zone (vadodra)
  • EVQ Point (Bengaluru)

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Investment Cost For An Electric Car Charging Stations

Before setting up a business of electric car charging stations, knowledge regarding its investment cost is a must. The cost of investing in this business varies from one company to another. It may differ from the range of 1 lakh – 10 lakh rupee in many states of India.

The cost for the investment relies on the power outputs, setup charges, handling charges, and company standards. The information regarding the difference in the cost based on charger cost and output power is discussed below:

Charger TypeOutput PowerCharger Cost
Bharat AC-0013.370 K
Bharat DC-00115240 K
Type 2AC 22125 K
CHAdeMO501,450 K
CCS501,440 K

Cost For Other Setups

New electricity connection750 K
Maintenance cost350 K
Civil work250 K
Land lease600 K

Needs For Electric Car Charging Station

  • Certified locally
  • Well-organized civil work
  • Car parking space
  • Proximity with the transformers
  • Renewable source connection in the unavailability of transformers

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