Fix Sim Not Provisioned for Voice Error – 6 Easy Methods

Fix Sim not Provisioned for Voice Error - 6 Easy Methods

What is Sim Not Provisioned for Voice Error?

Sim not provisioned for voice error doesn’t allow the users to make phone calls using their SIM Card which is inserted within their smartphones. Under such conditions, the user can perform all the other functions within their smartphones but are prohibited from making phone calls because no network is depicted within their SIM Card for calling purposes which ultimately creates a ruckus for the users.

Fix Sim Not Provisioned for Voice Error - 6 Easy Methods

It’s one of the peculiar issues which arises whenever there’s some defect or change in the SIM Cards due to which users are unable to use their smartphones for contacting the other person via the call.

With so much discussion about this sim not provisioned for voice let’s discuss further its prominent causes in a detailed manner.

Prominent Reasons of Sim Not Provisioned For Voice

  • This error takes place when there’s no availability of a particular telecom network operator in the given area.
  • It’s also caused when someone continuously swaps their SIM cards
  • Users also face this issue while transferring the contacts from one sim card to another
  • Sim not provisioned for voice issues also arises when the user inserts a new SIM card within their smartphone.
  • At times drastic weather conditions also lead to this issue due to which no network gets depicted within the smartphones
  • SIM card may either be suspended or not activated by the service provider
  • Defected SIM slot which is unable to read the SIM card
  • Torn, burn SIM cards are also the major causes of this error

Post talking about the causes of this massive issue which is taking a major toll on the users, we’re moving ahead to discuss the methods which can be utilized to resolve this error.

Method 1: Contact the Operator and Activate the SIM Card

Purchasing a SIM Card is not the end because the user has to wait for 2-3 days so that the SIM Card gets activated and starts functioning on the device. The activation procedure takes time depending on the service oper ator so at times when the sim card is not activated then the user tends to face such errors.

What we would suggest is to contact the network operator whenever this issue arises after buying a new sim because post the activation only you’ll be allowed to make calls to other people using your mobile number. Although it’s an automatic procedure sometimes network operators take 2-3 days depending on the network coverage area.

However, once the sim card gets activated you need to restart the phone once again to check whether the sim not provisioned for voice error has been resolved or not.

Method 2: Start the Smartphone Once Again

This does wonders for the users in 95% of the cases because technical issues arise due to network conjunction or either some defect in the smartphones so to unravel that we suggest switching off the device and restarting it again for fixing sim not provisioned for voice error.

Switching off the smartphone fixes most of the problems and also increases the functionalities of the device. It boosts up the progress and also prohibits the battery usage extracted from certain apps.

Method 3: Purchase a New SIM Card

Nothing works better than purchasing a new sim card because your current sim card may be defective and that’s the reason the for sim not provisioned for voice error.

Under such circumstances, we suggest you purchase a SIM Card from a different operator whose network services are strong and durable near your residing areas.

For purchasing a new SIM Card you can contact the previous seller from where you had purchased the SIM Card otherwise you can contact a different seller who distributes sim cards of different operators and from there you can buy it.

Method 4: Port the SIM Card and switch to another operator

We would advise you to opt for this method if you’re fed up getting troubled with sim not provisioned for voice error as switching to a different operator can be a permanent solution for all your problems.

However, for porting the sim card to a different operator you can either visit the sim card seller or can get it done online. You can port the sim card online through T-Mobile where you need to look out for offers as per your requirements and then port it to the operator of your choice.

Method 5: Opt forward to add a Top-Up

Adding extra credits to the sim also isolates this issue and certainly tends to be the most effective method in 50% of the cases.

You can either add the top up by yourself or ask the mobile recharge shop owner for a top-up addition to your sim card. Once you’re done with adding top-up then you need to restart the smartphone once again to check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Tip: Add at least Rs 50 or above top up because recharge packs of lesser amounts don’t get counted as top-up by the service providers.

Method 6: Cross-Check and Eject the Sim Card Properly

This is the most common issue because most of the smartphones introduced these days come with a unique SIM Card slot which is far different from the previous ones. Due to this issue users face a lot of difficulties while inserting the new sim card.

To fix this issue, you need to take out the sim card from the sim tray and check whether there’s any defect over the card or tray and if not then insert it properly again. Do remember that incorrect insertion of the sim card can lead to sim not provisioned for voice error so please check twice while injecting the new sim card within the device.

Also, do remember to restart the phone once again after performing these necessary changes.

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Final Words

Coming to the end of this article all we want to say is try implementing each of the methods to resolve the sim not provisioned for voice error because you don’t know which one would work best for resolving their error.

We suggest you be calm and patient while processing these methods to fix this issue because at times it’s difficult to reach out to the network operator and under such circumstances, users need to wait for some time before stating their issues to the sim card service operator. However, above all the techniques still, we would advise you to switch off your phone and restart it again whenever facing a sim not provisioned for voice error because that’s quick and fixes the issue with ease.

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