Six Techniques To Resolve the “Connected To No Internet Android” Error

Connected To No Internet Android Error

The Problem

The most common issue regarding android phones is the lost internet connection even after getting connected to the WiFi. It becomes very irritating as the user can’t stay online. The dependency of people on the internet is increasing with the advanced era and its absence makes us feel helpless. This issue turns out to be more irritating if our android phones are connected with the WiFi router and still do not allow us to access the internet.

Six Techniques To Resolve the "Connected To No Internet Android" Error

The Solution

Such problems need some easy methods that we will be discussing further in the upcoming section of this article. After applying any of the mentioned methods, the problem of ‘Connected to no internet android’ will be fixed. This problem does not have a specific cause but has specific methods to solve this troublesome situation.

Method 1: Check for Internet connection

At times the issue of ‘Connected to no internet access’ occurs because of the lack of connection between the router and the internet.

Step 1: Connect the router in a wireless mode with some other device.
Step 2: Check if you can access the internet.
Step 3: Check the ISP PPPoE configuration information after logging into the router.
Step 4: Type the password and username correctly.

Method 2: Check the Mobile data

  • Turning on the mobile data does not allow the WiFi router to connect with the android phone. Disable the mobile data if you want to resolve this problem.
  • At times, Android phones give more priority to WiFi than mobile data. But there are a few networks where the user needs to log in before accessing the internet.
  • Even if you log in, your android phone uses the mobile data because of an inactive connection of the WiFi.
    This is the reason why android phones are unable to connect to the internet on any of the provider networks.

Method 3: Disabling and enabling WiFi

The way you reset the computer, WiFi adapter can also be reset in android phones. Many times the issue of ‘Connected to no internet access’ gets easily fixed by disabling and enabling the WiFi adapter as it allows the android smartphones to remove the DNS and recheck the files of configuration. There is just a requirement of accessing the panel of hidden settings.

Step 1: Dial ‘*#*#4636#*#*’ after you open the dialer.
Step 2: The panel of hidden settings triggers.
Step 3: Direct towards ‘WiFi Information’.
Step 4:

Select ‘WiFi API’ and then click ‘disableNetwork’. It shut down the module of WiFi.

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Method 4: Check the settings of date and time

The improper settings of date and time can create the issue of ‘Connected to no internet access. The Android automatically sets the information of date and time but if it changes, reset it again. Manual settings generally do not update the date and time settings after the android restarts. In such cases, implement these methods to resolve this situation.

Step 1: Go to the ‘Clock’ application.
Step 2: Select the menu of ‘Settings’.
Step 3: Choose the option of ‘Change date and time’.
Step 4: Select ‘Automatic date and time’ and then ‘Automatic time zone’.
Step 5: For manual settings go to ‘Set date’, ‘Set time’, and “Select time zone”.
Step 6: Reboot the android and connect it with the WiFi network again.

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Method 5: Reconnect the WiFi network after forgetting it

Step 1: Go to the android settings and direct towards ‘WiFi’.
Step 2: Select the WiFi network. Choose the ‘Forget’ option.
Step 3: Select the WiFi network again and type the password.
Step 4: Select the ‘Connect’ button. It will connect the android with the WiFi network.

Method 6: Check for router network traffic blockage

  • At times the WiFi router can block the traffic of the network. To confirm it, go to the web portal or the admin page of the WiFi router.
  • The admin page of the WiFi router varies depending on the model type.
  • After consulting with its manual, direct towards the settings page and check if the router blocks your android phone. There are a few routers that have the portal IP address, password, and username present at the back of the device.


Problems such as ‘Connected to no internet access’ look big but get fixed easily if you go with our given methods. There is nothing to worry about if your WiFi router does not connect with your android phone. It’s a usual problem faced by everyone one or the other day. Sit calmly and follow the mentioned instructions. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to access the internet and it will run smoothly. For more queries comment it down and wait for our revert that we will be doing in a short time.

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