Jio APN Settings For High Speed Internet {Android, iPhone}

Jio APN Settings For High Speed Internet

Reliance jio company after hearing all the complaints bought up a new APN setting which will restore the beast speed of Jio 4G which was promised by Reliance Jio earlier. the company has launched APN which can actually bring back the 4G speed on your Jio SIM card.

Jio APN Settings For High Speed Internet {Android, iPhone}

APN setting which is also called Access point that is used by every mobile operator company to provide the users with the access to internet services. furthermore there is a unique access point for each company along with almost the similar internet configuration.

Jio APN setting For Faster Speed of internet

In order to experience smoother access of the internet, APN or access point is responsible and liable. Nowadays, the company, although add up the internet settings automatically when you insert SIM into the SIM card slot of your smartphone.

But you need to make minor modifications sometimes to the internet settings. So, that you can easily access the internet and enjoy its speed up to its full potential.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step guide that helps you to  learn to set up jio APN setting in your handset in order to access 4G internet faster for a decent work from home experience.

 How To Use Jio Net setting for High 4G Speed?

All over in India, Reliance jio has millions of customers. It is difficult for the companies to provide with the fast internet connectivity at all the locations. When you insert the Jio SIM in the SIM card slot of your smartphone then, Jio internet setting which add up automatically. There is no need of finding any SMS number for using a high speed of the  internet by receiving  Jio settings. You just simply need to edit the settings that are already present within your mobile phone.

There is the trick for setting Jio internet speed for Android, iPhones and Windows. But the trick to configure an iPhone is quite tricky.  You need not to worry. As in this article, there is also a way that will work on iPhones handsets also.

Setup Reliance jio faster Internet speed setting of Android Smartphones

  • Just Go to “Mobile Setting App” or open Settings options.
  • Find and click on “Mobile Settings”under “SIM & Network”settings.
  • Click on “Access Point Name”after selecting the Jio 4Goption.
  • Tap on “add (+)” icon present on the top right of your mobile phone screen.

Note: “Unless you save a new access point name successfully, do not delete the previous one”

  • You can either edit the current Reliance Jio APN settings or create a new one.
  • Enter any name in the connection name field.
  • Type jionet that also in small letters in the APN field.
  • Set the server to
  • MNC value may vary depending on your android type. Let the value be whatever it is.
  • Authentication Type should be changed to PAP.
  • Default should be the APN Type. As APN Type is the most essential setting that the Jio server will recognize. So, I recommend you  to double-check it for unrestricted high-speed service.
  • Both APN Roaming Protocol & APN Protocol should be IPv4/IPv6.
  • Set Bearer to LTE only.
  • Field of MVNO type should be kept empty.
  • Jio 4G should be MVNO value and keep only J and G capital and all others in small letters.
  • Select the menu option and then tap on Save. This will save Reliance Jio internet settings. Restart your phone and you’re good to go.

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How to change Jio APN settings for iPhone users?

  • Simply, connect your iPhone to any Wifi connection available.
  • Go to browser app and open the website
  • Scroll down the screen as soon as the site open to “Create APN” option.
  • You will see a drop down list from which you need to choose “Reliance”.
  • Now, Click & open “Create APN” option.
  • You will be asked to install the profile, when you entered the new page.
  • To install Jio APN setting,  just simply press the Install option.

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How to change Jio APN settings on Windows smartphones?

  • Just open the Settings options on your windows mobile.
  • Tap on ‘Mobile+GSM’ option.
  • Click the Data roaming option to set it to ‘Don’t roam’ and change the connection speed to 4G.
  • Now, Simply go back and select & open the ‘Access point’ option.
  • Now, Tap the add icon and edit the Jio APN settings.
  • Set connection name to jio and APN to joinet.
  • Finally, Press the OK button and activate your settings.

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