How To Check Jio Number {SMS, My Jio App, IMEI Number, Number Check Code}

Check Jio Number

Technology has made all the individuals bound to it at such a big extent that we don’t even bother to remember the details of your number for emergency conditions.  As per the concern, technology has made the availability of certain options through which we can check our Jio mobile number using just some simple and convenient steps.

How To Check Jio Number {SMS, My Jio App, IMEI Number, Number Check Code}

9 Hassle Freeways Through which anyone can check Jio number any time!

Tring! Tring!

Pick up your phone and ring on someone’s mobile number within your friends or family circle and boom you’ll see your number flashing up on their screen. To make it more convenient for future preference save your number in ‘ My Contacts ‘ as  ‘ My number ‘ and then it will be more easy for you to remember your number.

Through The SMS

This is considered to be one of the easiest and most convenient methods to check Jio number. One needs to text ‘ My Plan ‘ on the customer care number ( 199 ) of the Jio Firm and they’ll send the details about the particular number along with the details of some recharge packs or offers on that particular number.

Through the ‘ My Jio App ‘

The user needs to login into the ‘ My Jio Account ‘ entering the username and password by clicking on the login button. The registered Jio number will be visible in the ‘ My Accounts ‘ within the Jio App.

Jio Number My Jio App
Jio Number My Jio App

Contact Customer Care

One can easily make a call on the Customer care number 198/199 which is available 24*7 for the Jio customers. The Customer Care Executive will ask you some certain details to confirm you identify and after completing the process of verification they will tell you the specific details about your Jio mobile number.

Contact Customer Care
Contact Customer Care

Through Jio Number Check Email

Any Jio Sim user can mail on the specific email, i.e, [email protected] issued by the company for solving the detailed queries of their customers. The user can mail the queries regarding their number and the executives will send the details about the number after completing the process of user verification.

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Through IMEI Number

This method is considered to be the Check Code for finding the details about the particular Jio Number. The user has to enter “Jio <IMEI>” and has to send it to 199. After the verification of the IMEI number of the particular Jio Sim, the user will receive a text message stating the details about the particular number.

Through Jio Number Check Code

This is one of the most prominent methods used by Jio customers. One can simply dial *1# on their smartphone and can easily know all the details about their particular Jio Number.

Jio Number Check Code
Jio Number Check Code

Through Jio Mobile Number Check (Balance)

One has to dial *333# and after confirming specific details the customer care executives will send the details about the particular Jio Number with balance details

Jio Mobile Number Check Balance
Jio Mobile Number Check Balance


It’s clear that these are some of the best ways to check and confirm the details of your Jio number. In fact, it can be used by anyone in the case of an emergency or any other purpose. Although at the end Jio Sim users still prefer to contact the customer care executive through the toll-free number 198 or 199 to get the details about the particular Jio Number.

Also, do check out the latest recharge offers on the ‘ My Jio App ‘ and enjoy the mobile service the company.

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