Netflix Makes Easier For Inactive Users To Cancel Subscriptions

Netflix Cancel Subscription

Infrequently is the case when you don’t remember the last time you watched anything on Netflix, the on-demand video streaming service for a long time? If it is so, the company might cancel your subscription unless it does not hear back.

Netflix Makes Easier For Inactive Users To Cancel Subscriptions

The company has announced on Thursday on its blog post that Netflix will start notifying the customers those accounts have been dormant for more than 12 months, with a new automated prompt either through emails or via in-app notifications.

The streaming giant through notifications will ask subscriber if they still wish to keep their membership. If still there is inaction, then Netflix will move ahead by cancelling the subscription.

By automatically cancelling out the subscription of the users who haven’t streamed the platform for a year or longer. Netflix says, “It’s fair to save money on anything that you were no longer using by keeping yourself far from paying for anything “.

Don’t panic in case you want to remain with your membership but your subscription automatically get cancelled.

Anyone who cancel their account and then decided to re-subscribe within 10 days will roll out their account details and also their profile, favourites and viewing references just as they left said Netflix.

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Initially, The step of proactively cancelling dormant accounts might sound surprising and alarming but is welcoming at the same time. It is a great step and makes a lot of sense as the company trusted its loyal customer base and meanwhile, considering that how most companies are glad to deduct the credit money from their inactive or dormant subscribers.

These inactive accounts represent only a few hundred thousand users i.e less than half of 1 per cent of the overall member base and matter of fact, is that it already factored into the company’s financial guidance further added by Netflix.

In the wake of COVID-19, with everyone across the globe tightened their belt by staying at home, The streaming service saw an enormous uptick in subscribers i.e 183 million subscribers at the end of the first quarter reported Netflix.

The company will start sending out in-app notifications and emails to members of long-dormant accounts this week said Netflix.

The company’s new approach might save some hard-earned cash that Eddy Wu, director of product innovation wrote in his company’s corporate blog post.

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