Transfer Contacts From Android Phones To iPhone

Steps Of Transferring Data Android to iOS

There has always been a huge competition between the mobiles having Android OS with those having iOS in the iPhones. Though iPhones are expensive from android ones but still some people want to have one iPhone. There are times when people want to switch from Android to iPhone. In this case, they have to transfer the data from Android phone to iPhone. Let’s have a look at the procedure of doing it.

Transfer Contacts From Android Phones To iPhone

Steps Of Transferring Data

  1. Set up the iPhone till you reach the screen Apps & Data.
  2. Tap the option Move Data from Android.
  3. In the Android phone, open Google Play Store and search for Move to iOS.
  4. Open the app and install it.
  5. Some permissions are asked and after their approval the app installs.
  6. Open the app in the Android phone.
  7. In both the devices click Continue.
  8. The user will see a 12 digit number in the iPhone which he has to type on the Android phone. This will connect both the phones through peer-to-peer Wi-Fi.
  9. It will ask to transfer the following
    1. Google account info
    2. Chrome Bookmarks
    3. Text messages
    4. Contacts
    5. Photos
    6. Videos
  10. Select all so that everything can be moved to iPhone.
  11. All the data from the Android phone will be transferred  to iPhone.
  12. After the transfer, the two mobiles will get disconnected.
  13. After the completion of transferring data, tap Continue Setting Up iPhone and set it with a new Apple ID.
  14. After creation of the Apple ID, the user can log on to check the transferred data.

The duration of data transfer depends on the quantity of data available in the Android phone. Reviews say that 400 MB of files could be transferred in 8 minutes.

Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone
Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

Transferring Photos Only

If a user wants to transfer photos from Android mobile to iPhone, he should install Google Photos on the Android Phone and sync the mobile with Google Photos. After that, he can install Google Photos on iPhone and transfer the photos from there. It is an easy process to transfer. This will also save the photos even if the mobile goes out of order or accidently formatted.

Transferring Contacts Only

There are chances when one can lose his precious contacts. Also when a user wants to transfer the contacts  to iPhone without getting into the problem of installing apps, he can use CardDAV protocol provided by Google. This protocol helps in synchronization of contacts between devices. After that, the user can login to his Google account on iPhone and get the contacts.

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How to use Apple Watch with Android?

Users can also use Apple Watch with Android phone. They have to take the following steps to do this task.

  1. Remove sim from both the phones.
  2. Insert the Android sim into iPhone.
  3. Open Watch app on iPhone after it has been connected to internet.
  4. Set up the watch and add it to the carrier’s cellular network.
  5. After that , the setting up of Watch is completed.
  6. Now insert the sim card from iPhone back to the Android one.
  7. Put airplane mode on and off on the apple watch to check whether it is connected to the cellular network.
  8. Now use the Apple Watch on Android phone.

These are the ways in which data can be transferred from Android to iPhone. Also, users can use Apple apps on iPhone. In spite of competition, both Apple iOS and Android can be connected to each other for data transfer.

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