T-Mobile Now Supports eSIM For iOS

T-Mobile now supports eSIM for iOS

eSIM is now accessible in new iPhones, thanks to T-Mobile. This will allow iPhone users to use 2 phone numbers at one time and will ease the complication of carrying two phones.

T-Mobile Now Supports eSIM For iOS

Being an iPhone user I face several problems due to one sim on my device and so, this will be a great help for me. While using your iPhone you must have faced network issues and at that situation you have no option of alternative number. When you go for eSIM, this solves all your problem and provides you freedom to use two sims on your phone with single sim slot.
This is an old technology, but this time it has come up with several new features. So, are you ready to utilize the all new eSIM service by T-Mobile on your iPhone? Let’s take a glance of some feature and plans you will get

How to Use eSIM

For using eSIM the first thing that you have to do is to install the T-Mobile App. Let me tell you that this feature can be used in few models of iPhone, to specify iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Once you are done with the installation, you will get to see three plan options and those are:

T-Mobile ONE Prepaid: It comes with unlimited voice, text, and data and to avail that you have to pay $70 for 30 days.

Simply Prepaid: This plan comes with unlimited voice, text, and 10GB of LTE data and you have to pay $40 for 30 days.

Tourist Plan: It comes with 1,000 minutes of voice, unlimited text, and 2GB of LTE data and to avail this you have to pay $30 for 21 days. As the plan name says it all, this plan is especially made for the tourists to make their travel easy and comfortable. In case you don’t get network on any one of your SIMs you can go with the alternate option and you need not to carry another phone for that.Those who are already using this app on their device can also go for any one of these three plans.

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What is eSIM (Video Source: Hologram)

If you are an iPhone user and looking forward to go with this amazing new stuff make sure that you have your device updated to iOS 12.1.1.

Most important thing that you must have noticed in it is, these above mentioned plans are all prepaids. So, while choosing any of these plans make sure that you are well aware of the features that you will get in these plans.

If you are already associated with T-Mobile, you will need a new email ID for using T-Mobile App. This app can easily be installed from the Apple App Store and the usage is really easy.

Before T-Mobiles eSIM app, Verizon and AT&T had already introduced their app and are one step ahead of T-Mobile.
Hope you have gathered enough information regarding T-Mobile’s eSIM and I guess it will help you out in choosing the plan that is suitable for you.

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