The Ultimate Guide To “Galaxy S7 Camera Failed”

Guide To Galaxy S7 Camera Failed

During initialization, when the camera of your Galaxy S7 crashes, the error message”Warning: Camera failed” is displayed. Many of you must have faced it once in a lifetime if you are or were a Samsung Galaxy S7 user.

The Ultimate Guide To "Galaxy S7 Camera Failed"

We can’t consider this issue as a manufacturing defect or a bug because many times users that have once complained about this problem, corrected the issue after applying some techniques of troubleshooting. Some users faced it a few days after they bought it and whenever they opened up the camera, an error message popped up. Some of them also gave a review of the unpredictability error message of the failed camera.

If you relate to this issue, firstly you need to understand the signs because of which you are facing this issue and then you need to apply the appropriate methods to troubleshoot it.

Indications of the “Galaxy s7 camera failed”

1. When you open up the camera, an error message of “Warning: Camera failed” is displayed on your screen.
2. This error message is seen when the user flips the camera side from the rearview to the front view.
3. The camera app shut down on its own.
4. At times, the camera is frozen and after some seconds the error message pops up.
5. Sporadically the error occurs and there’s no correct prediction for its arrival.

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Reasons for “Galaxy S7 camera failed”

1. The camera app might be getting glitched or crashes.
2. The sensors of the camera might get damaged because of some physical or liquid damages.
3. Some apps that use the camera might have crashed the camera.
4. The sensors of the camera might be taking a long time in initializing and focusing due to which the camera crashes down.
5. If the data or cache of the camera got corrupted, then it needs to be either cleared or deleted.
6. The normal working of the camera can be affected due to the issue of the firmware.
7. There might be some services or features of the phone that clash with the operation of the camera.

Methods To Troubleshoot “Galaxy S7 camera failed” error

Method 1: Camera app restart

Step 1: Open up the app, an error message pops up.
Step 2: Select ‘Ok’ and the camera will close on its own.
Step 3: Open the camera again. If the error message is displayed again, try the other provided fixes.

Method 2: Data and cache clearance

Step 1: Press the icon of the camera app present on the home screen.
Step 2: Search for the “Settings” option and select it.
Step 3: Choose “Application” and then select “Application Manager”.
Step 4: Now go to the ” Force stop” and then to the “Storage menu”.
Step 5: Select the option of ” clear cache & clear data”.

Method 3: Wipe cache system

Step 1: Switch off the phone by holding the volume and power button simultaneously.
Step 2: Press the volume button to clear the cache system.
Step 3: To start, press the power button. Switch on your phone.

Method 4: Disable the feature of the smart stay

Step 1: Press the icon of the camera app present on the home screen.
Step 2: Search for the “Settings” option and select it.
Step 3: Choose ‘Display’ and select ‘Smart Stay’.
Step 4: Turn off the toggle switch of the smart stay.
Step 5: Reboot the device.

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The methods explained above are completely hinged on the suggestions of experienced technicians. All of the mentioned methods are to troubleshoot the error Samsung Galaxy S7 failed camera. Some of them have also been tried by the users themselves and they have got rid of this error too. So do try it and let’s know your thoughts on the same.

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