Samsung Galaxy Fold Review-{Design, Experience, Camera, Performance}

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

Samsung Galaxy Fold Specification

Cover camera10MP
Front camera10MP + 8MP
Rear camera16MP + 12MP + 12MP
Folded62.8 x 160.9 x 17.1mm
Unfolded117.9 x 160.9 x 7.6mm
OSAndroid 9
Main screen size7.3-inch
ResolutionQXGA+ (2152 x 1536)
Cover screen size4.6-inch
ResolutionHD+ (1680 x 720)
Battery (4G)4,380mAh
Battery (5G)4,235mAh

Design- (Tissue Thin Layers Tested Upto 200,000 Folds)

The 7.3-inch Flexible Display that revolutionizes smartphone screens. It is built with bonded, tissue-thin layers of innovative materials, its foldable screen is incredibly slender and elegant. You can enjoy the flexibility of every fold and unfold with a delicate touch for the unique experience of both smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review-{Design, Experience, Camera, Performance}
Hinge Symmetrical Movement Galaxy Fold
Hinge Symmetrical Movement Galaxy Fold

You can see movies and games with incredible vibrant hues. The AMOLED display provides HDR10+ color and contrast with dynamic tone mapping to ensure lifelike hues in each scene on-screen.

The display is engineered in such a way that it reduces harmful blue light without the use of filters, and keeps colors true while lessening eye strain. It is available in Space silver and cosmos black color.

Display Reduces Harmful Blue Light
Display Reduces Harmful Blue Light

Experience- Compact Enough To Hold And Use By One Hand

The Samsung galaxy fold is compact enough to hold and use by one hand, with an ergonomic, comfortable grip. The fingerprint scanner is along the side of the phone so whenever your thumb or index finger touches the side it opens naturally. It is also important to note that this device contains magnets so it should be kept away from the objects which are affected by a magnet such as credit card and implantable medical devices.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Comfortable Grip
Samsung Galaxy Fold Comfortable Grip

The slim factor of the screen makes the use of phones so convenient such as clicking selfies or making phone calls. You can do multi-tasking with dual screens, you may observe crease at the center of the Samsung galaxy fold but not to worry it is just a natural characteristic of the phone. You can run 3 apps at a time on this phone which makes you multitasking.

Multiasking With Dual Screen
Multiasking With Dual Screen

Shift or resize the windows as the way you like with a tap and drag. If you want to make another app the focus, simply tap, hold, and move it to the left side to adjust. When you get notifications, you can address it by dragging the alert down to convert it into a new window.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is designed in such a way that it is prevented from overheating and becoming sluggish with an advanced vapor chamber and clad metal cooling system. It also includes intelligent performance, long-lasting battery, and the immersive display, your game-play is taken to a whole new level.

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The dual speakers that are provided give clear and loud stereo sound by AKG. The sound system is enhanced by Dolby Atmos which provides immerse three-dimensional effect that may pull you into your game, movies and more. And most importantly it provides 4 months free youtube premium subscription so you can scroll through various videos ad-free to the users.

Camera- (Ultra Wide 16MP, Wide Angle 12MP, Telephoto 12MP)

“Samsung galaxy fold camera is awesome”

It has a Telephoto, Wide-Angle and Ultra-wide camera that defines your vision. You can easily swap between the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera and the 12MP Wide-angle and Telephoto Cameras to broaden or narrow your focus with a tap. Its 4:3 display ratio and the 7.3-inch main display shows you exactly what Galaxy Fold’s 4:3 camera sensor sees.

Ultra Wide, Wide Angle, Telephoto,  Camera Picture
Ultra Wide, Wide Angle, Telephoto, Camera Picture

The Ultra-Wide Camera present in this device gives you a greater perspective with its 123-degree field of vision. You can snap more in one frame, horizontally and vertically in both ways, you can easily photograph sweeping panoramas.

The Samsung galaxy fold includes Scene Optimizer which is powered by the intelligent NPU which will recognize 30 popular subjects. This optimizer detects the subject and it automatically adjusts camera settings for a better picture. Flaw Detection is also available which will alert you to flaws in the resulting photo.

Normal Galaxy Vs Samsung Galaxy Fold Video Snippet Difference
Normal Galaxy Vs Samsung Galaxy Fold Video Snippet Difference

Performance- IAP Saving Mode To Manage Your Device Battery Life

As we add it to the future of the smartphone, it is definitely different from the other smartphones. As we talk about memory, it has 12 GB RAM and 512 GB Internal storage. This will never let your game lag or never let your phone hang. Due to this much space, you will experience another level of gaming experience. It has AI which will adapt the way you use your phone. It will adapt according to your daily schedule and how you use it daily. It also learns your habits by preloading the frequently used apps to launch instantly whenever you are in need of them.

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Talking about its battery performance the device Galaxy Fold has a revolutionary dual battery that works as one, using power and recharging in a way that it prevents overcharging. The Intelligent Adaptive Power Saving Mode learns your daily usage patterns to manage your device’s battery life — so the 4380mAh (typical) battery capacity gets you through your day. Basically, this 4380mAh battery is only available on the LTE model and 5G model has 4235mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Battery 4380 mAh For LTE Model and 4235 mAH For 5G Model
Samsung Galaxy Fold Battery 4380 mAh For LTE Model and 4235 mAH For 5G Model

It has wireless charging quality but this is not all Samsung Galaxy Fold is also designed to act as a wireless charger too. This device can share its battery power with any Qi-certified devices or wearables.

The thing you need to do is just place the device in the middle of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the device will start charging. You can easily recharge your Galaxy Fold without having to fumble for a cord. Thanks to its Fast Wireless Charging capabilities.

Wireless Charging Galaxy Fold
Wireless Charging Galaxy Fold

Your intelligent assistant Bixby learns your mobile habits to create routines, suggesting apps or features to make your daily tasks easier, or lets you customize a routine to suit your own needs. It also recognizes your voice and responds making things done without touching your hands.

Knox is a platform that protects your Galaxy Fold at every layer, It secures your data, it even offers a protected partition called Secure Folder, from the second you turn on your phone.

Samsung Knox Protects Galaxy Fold Every Layer
Samsung Knox Protects Galaxy Fold Every Layer

Samsung Galaxy Fold has a biometric system inbuilt. Having a Face recognition or Fingerprint scan, it remains locked until it detects your unique features. If any features are not detected then you need to go for PIN, Password or Password.

Overall Samsung Galaxy Fold Rating


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